Who's ready to thank Trump?!

Remember not too long ago when ISIS was running amok on a murder spree in the middle east? Huge convoys with armor and artillery facing no opposition? Taking territory, destroying historical sites, beheading Christians and burning Muslims alive in cages? Those days are long gone.

Anybody ready to thank the president for killing thousands of barbarians including the ones at the top of the chain? Who’s with me?


The ones that were mostly taken out during Obama’s term? Yeah I remember that


Then your memory is false. The atrocities happened while Obama was president. The convoys were free to travel without harassment. Are you ready to thank President Trump for his actions against ISIS?

That was Fake News from over 2 years ago.

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They seem to have trouble recalling the rise to power of ISIS during the Obama era.


Are you serious? You linked to a straight propaganda site.:man_facepalming:


But Trump* is the messiah! The Chosen One!
We should all send Trump* our valuables to show how much we appreciate his efforts.


According to whom? Sounds like you’re not ready to thank yet?


“En-Volve has also published ridiculous stories such as “Obama Orders Life-Sized Bronze Statue of Himself to Be Permanently Installed in White House?” and this “Colin Kaepernick FIRED From 49ers After Disrespecting Police and National Anthem,” which obviously is not true as he played the entire season with them after this fake news article was published. Since, En-Volve does not have an about page stating they are satire, we must assume they are just a propaganda site that publishes fake news. According to Politifact they are a fake news source. Factcheck.org also has them listed as a fake news source. (3/24/2017) Updated (D. Van Zandt 7/7/2017)”

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Ready to thank him yet?

You are faliling badly. Newspunch is an even worse source. How about something halfway credible?

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Editorial? You mean the opinion of one person?

No thanks.

Why do you keep linking to articles from over 2 years ago, for a region that changes by the hour. So ok great, there was a coordinated fake News push back in October 2017. :roll_eyes:

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No, I mean this.

**On Jan. 20 — the day Trump was inaugurated — an estimated 35,000 ISIS fighters held approximately 17,500 square miles of territory in both Iraq and Syria. **

As of Dec. 21, the U.S. military estimates the remaining 1,000 or so fighters occupy roughly 1,900 squares miles of mostly barren desert primarily in Syria, where few people live, and where they will be forced to surrender or die.

Ready to thank yet?

From October 2017. :rofl:

Because that’s when he destroyed ISIS? :man_shrugging:

Does that mean it’s false? :man_shrugging:

I give him credit for continuing the very successful anti ISIL campaign started under Obama which had already formed SDF, and trained the Iraqis so that east Mosul had already been taken, Iragi forces were rolling up the Euphrates, and SDF was five kilometers from Raqqa. He ran it in for TD from the five yard line. So thanks.