"Who's paying for the wall?" "WE ARE!"


Donald already dropping the idea that the wall is already largely built.

This was absolutely nothing more than a campaign device, as further evidenced by a) the lack of logistical plans for construction or funds dispersement, and b) Donald soliciting campaign funds during his televised address.

There will be no “big, beautiful wall.” Prepare to get futher embittered and angry, Trump nation. You went all in for a lying con man.


Hmmmm would I rather pay for the wall or a pay more to support illegal aliens, cha-ching I choose THE WALL!!


Good, make your payment at the go fund me site.


Yes. Trump’s going to need that money to pay his legal fees.


Buy at least they can say Merry Christmas


And that he was a lying con artist was well-known to people he dealt with in New York and Atlantic City, etc. The information was available to voters, or at least any voter who was not informed solely by Fox News.

One of my favorite quotes regarding Trump came from a New Yorker profile piece sometime in 2016. A New York alderman, who’d had various dealings with Donald over the years, said I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth if his tongue was notarized. Perfect.


Inexplicably, THEY DON’T CARE.

Even though, THEY are the ones he’s lying to.

He can lie to me. I don’t believe him.

He lies to THEM. They drop and believe every new configuration of the lie.



Trump prefers Christians who aren’t in the way of the wall.


You mean the wall that can be cut through with som basic tools from Home Depot? Or the wall that can be dug under? Or the wall that can be climbed over? Or the wall that will keep out people who overstay their visas?


If they living so far south they probably never been to one of his golf courses or failed casino with stripers or gawdy hotels so what good are they really?


Why are republicans such scared people? Its so easy to play on their fears its amazing.


He told you long ago he never expected them to write a check… and everyone knows it.

Dems want open borders. That’s what sanctuary means.


Simple. Many of them just ignore the facts and are not willing to do their homework. Trump supporters will parrot whatever this administration tells them. They don’t care that they are being lied to. And I guess they don’t realize that they are getting a con job.


“I’m going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it” -fat donald


So if Mexico pays for the wall you’re okay with it then? You’re upset now that Mexico isn’t paying? What about the humanitarian argument? Or is now focusing on Mexico not paying just about Trump hate?
Maybe we will use El Chapo’s money. You okay with that?


So instead he said that they would make a one-time payment of $5B - $10B. Perhaps the method would be different but the sentiment is the same.


“it depends on your definition of the words pay, for and it”


and that depends on your definition of the word “definition”.


You should go back through presidential campaign history and document all the things that were said and promises made that never came true. That would keep you busy for the next few years. Just go back to the Obama years alone. Plenty of those are documented in writings, speeches, videos. Things about Obamacare things about gitmo things about reigning in the bankers things about surveillance things about transparency things about broadcasting Healthcare debate on C-Span things about ending Wars blah blah blah


But, but, Obama!

President Donald Trump has repeated the campaign rallying cry that Mexico will pay for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border since at least 2015.