Who's Leading the GOP

Okay, who’s the leader of the Republican Party? Who’s the most galvanizing individual when it comes to setting standards, tone, agenda, etc.; to deciding who’s “in” and who’s “out”; to approving those who are “real” conservatives and those who are “RINOs”?

  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Ron DeSantis
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Donald Trump
  • Other

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No politician leads me anywhere. I don’t like or trust any of them and no elected republican I ever voted for nationally was ever anything but the lesser of two evils.


It’s Brandon. He’s leading the R party cuz every stupid thing he does and says makes them look better and better and better.

Let’s go Brandon! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


This is the kind of self reflection every pundit should start their opinion pieces with. It’s not that we don’t have anything good to say or propose it’s just that we are really good at offense.

Trump, obviously

Trump is the head until he loses in 2024 or doesn’t run.

If he loses 2024, he’s a goner as head.

If he doesn’t run, he’s a goner.

How many republicans will be kissing the ring of a upper 70s failed one term president?


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I disagree. He can very much be a kingmaker while not running.


That would be the most profitable approach.


Snd i think he is drifting or being tugged toward kingmaker. All the attention with zero responsibility. Donations too

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Damn it can you stop writing in 7 words what i write in a paragraph. Thanks!

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Fiiiiiiiine… :rofl:

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No question it is Trump. Few want to get on his bad side and the preference of the majority of the base.

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He’s got giant loans to pay back. His new social media grift will probably help, too.

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So far, nearly all of them?

It would be better for the party and country if he took that approach, but I suspect the chances of that are slim, assuming he stays in good health.

His campaign slogan is gonna be something along the lines of, “See? Told ya!” :wink:

Obviously. I don’t rule him out so much for his baggage but more for his tendency to create more baggage. Worse thing Twitter could do to him is give him back his Twitter account.


Trump right now.

KFC can catch up on you fast at his age.

I am genuinely curious to see how he plays this. On one hand, he could run again, I guess. That’s probably not good for the GOP long term (?) On the other hand, I think his ego and vanity will make it hard for him to allow himself to be supplanted. Graceful and magnanimous, he ain’t.

It reminds me of Howard Stern leaving terrestrial radio. There was no way he was going to be happy if his successor succeeded—and he acted accordingly, with predictable results.