WHOOPS! Border Patrol Says BILL DE BLASIO Crossed into Mexico ILLEGALLY

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/whoops-border-patrol-says-bill-de-blasio-crossed-into-mexico-illegally/

Agents with the United States Border Patrol confirmed Wednesday that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his security detail illegally crossed into Mexico and then back into the United States while visiting the border last month.

According to the Associated Press, the Big Apple mayor violated both Mexican and United States immigration law when he crossed into Mexico on foot while visiting El Paso, Texas.

“De Blasio went to a holding facility for immigrant children but was denied entry. He then went to Mexico and crossed into the U.S. to get a view of the facility. The New York Police Department runs de Blasio’s security detail,” writes the AP.

“According to the letter, a uniformed Border Patrol agent noticed a group on the Rio Grande River flood plain south of the Tornillo, Texas, Port of Entry, taking photos of the holding facility. The agent asked if anyone from Border Patrol or public affairs was there to authorize their presence. A New York Police Department inspector said no, according to the letter, and when the agent asked the group how they arrived, they pointed to Mexico,” adds the Associated Press.

The Mayor is a fierce critic of President Trump’s immigration policies; calling for the total abolishment of ICE earlier this month after the Commander-in-Chief’s executive order ending “family separations.”

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