Who will pay the costs if the thousands in the caravan are allowed on American soil?


Contrary to your way of thinking, I understand that continually posting the same drivel on an internet message board is not going to change how things are done. You don’t want to be subject to so called tax tyranny. Renounce your citizenship (needed to keep the IRS off you), and move to either Bermuda or the Bahamas, bingo no income tax. Keep living here in the US and you are gonna pay whether you like it or not.


There not going to fund the cost for keeping illegals in America, it would break the lot.


Just tell Mexico to include it in the check for the wall. Problem solved.


Deduct the costs from any aid going to their country of origin.


Good thing that’s not happening.


Contrary to your way of thinking, I understand the difference between charitable giving, tax tyranny, and the fundamental purpose of a legitimate government.

“Under a just and equal Government, every individual is entitled to protection in the enjoyment of the whole product of his labor, except such portion of it as is necessary to enable Government to protect the rest; this is given only in consideration of the protection offered. In every bounty, exclusive right, or monopoly, Government violates the stipulation on her part; for, by such a regulation, the product of one man’s labor is transferred to the use and enjoyment of another. The exercise of such a right on the part of Government can be justified on no other principle, than that the whole product of the labor or every individual is the real property of Government, and may be distributed among the several parts of the community by government discretion; such a supposition would directly involve the idea, that every individual in the community is merely a slave and bondsman to Government, who, although he may labor, is not to expect protection in the product of his labor. An authority given to any Government to exercise such a principle, would lead to a complete system of tyranny.”

See Representative Giles, speaking before Congress February 3rd, 1792

In regard to your comment that you pay taxes, but “. . . don’t get to directly decide what the government spends that money on…” our federal Constitution lists, beneath Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1, what Congress may lay and collect taxes for. And there is nothing in that list allowing Congress to tax American citizens to finance the economic needs of illegal entrants, nor the thousands upon thousands of poverty stricken foreigners who are invading our borders and are unwilling to stand up to their own oppressive government which is plundering their nation’s wealth.


It is so sad that our nation’s moral compass, in general, has been corrupted to such a degree that there is confusion between the necessity for charitable giving as distinguished from tax tyranny!

Is that the extent of your debating skills? Are you incapable of addressing fundamental principles and the rule of law under our Constitution?

The fact is, to use federal taxing power to tax hard working American citizens living in our nation’s inner cities to finance the economic needs of thousands upon thousands of foreigners invading the borders of the United States is not only contrary to the limited powers granted to our federal government, but it likewise turns American citizens into tax slaves and robs the bread which American citizens in our nation’s inner cities have earned from the sweat of their labor. And it is just plain wrong! But don’t take my word for it, let Bernadette Lancelin explain it to you in plain language:

So tell me, why do you put the interests of foreign invaders above the interests of American citizens?


If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent upon the federal government for its subsistence, we can then bribe them for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep the remaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills ____ Our Socialist Fifth Column open border democrat leaders’ long term strategy


I’ll quote another socialist

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America And to the republic for which it stand. One nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all


Feed the hungry? Clothe the naked? Tend the sick?

What communist said that before, I can’t remember.


and cause a recession

youve been watching rush this week too

i love his show


Reads like the Cliffs Notes version of certain talking points.


That never gets old. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i agree with johnwk

for the most part

even though i have trouble finishing his posts

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Maybe we could co-opt all the existing GoFundMe pages of the immoral right begging for help paying legal fees?


no worries, trump, the best deal maker in history, will have them all taken care of for such low cost that no one will mind the government paying for it…

after all, look at how he completely overhauled the healthcare system from day 1 of his presidency…


The odd thing to me is the sense of entitlement to enter the US they have.

The reason there is so much murder and crime in central America is this lawless attitude.


I’m paying for it. You’re welcome.


LOL. As if Americans aren’t a bunch of entitled little brats?

That isn’t even going into the history of the U.S. treating Central and South America as their god-given right to interfere in their elections.


Where is the quote? Or did you just try to pull the wool over our eyes? The words you wrote are not those of Francis Bellamy.



American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


You are spot on! Even the Mexicans want the caravan invaders from Central America to go home! Check it out!


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.



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