Who will be the face in the House in 2023 for the dems?

I think most of the dem pols now are woke libs. Not many moderates left in the house imo.


An improvement over Piglosi.

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Who are you to deem me wrong. That is bull ■■■■■ I am sorry to say. I did not intend to get into this discussion with you. Telling me I am wrong, what kind of condesending ■■■■ is that.

We both can agree to disagree. Let’s leave it at that and be open to discussion.

Let’s Go Brandon

I agree with that

Oh please! You say this "I prefer DeSantis over Trump and am not a RINO. PAmoderate, some day you may figure it out" and then have the nerve to call me condescending?

Is that all? Go back to sleep