Who will be elected Speaker of the House session number 116 in January 2019?

She got Obamacare though the house. That’s enough for me.


Yeah right. That was such a great piece of legislation!

She owes her position to her ability to fund raise.

Doesn’t make her the right choice

She’s not. However politically speaking, as a country we’ve been making a lot of bad choices recently.

No argument from me there

I think you see more local races being focused on the issues. I get the sense that “anti-Trump” is a national discussion and somewhat manufactured by the national political press. But locally, at least in the races I’ve somewhat followed, the discussion has been about the issues (healthcare, immigration, etc).

Of course Trump will be part of that conversation (My opponent will just rubber stamp Trump’s agenda to take away your healthcare!!, etc), but I think it’s more than anti-Trump.

Even if it is Anti-Trump, I just don’t see the GOP not losing the House. Dems are already halfway there in California and Pennsylvania.

The Medicaid exspansion has insured millions of poor Americans.

That in of itself makes Obamacare worth it.


The anti trump ca, ny nj is worth +10
Pa redistricting is worth +5

That +15 right there.


You are pulling biggestal99s leg right.?


And in the meantime the rest of us struggle with higher premiums, lesser benefits, more red tape, and higher out of pocket expenses.

I have no faith the Democrats can take the House. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Who is Bernie?

Any chance of the D leadership ever having someone under the age of 75?

Yes she is.

Boo hoo she a rich liberal.

How much do you think Paul Ryan is worth.


Yup. They only need to flip 10 more, which should be manageable. Plenty of districts that Hillary won that the GOP representative won.

Here’s a scary thought that is a long shot in all 3 instances…but could happen:

Jim Jordan becomes Speaker. Mueller has a ■■■■ ton on goods on Trump, but also Pence. Both are impeached leading to…President Jim Jordan!

@anon14033751 you have seen it.

oh ye of little faith.

doubt no more Thomas…


Ok, fine. :wink: