Who supports Trump administration fight against Huawei?

Simple poll.

Do you support Trump policy restricting Huawei and Chinese tech company?

  • Yes
  • No

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What specific policy are you referring to?

I don’t know much about this issue - would love to learn more.

Brief summary from the Hill.

Huawei is major manufacturing of microchips…which has strong government ties to China goverment itself.

Developing microchips and operating systems is something right in-the wheelhouse USA tech companies.
In these transient times we should push into this. Will serve our country well in many ways. :elephant::us:


I’ve seen that, good news. One that I have no doubt will alienate Chinese goverment as well. But I still question of using foreign design chips. But I’ll admit I don’t know enough about this subject to make final conclusion.


I’m fine with that, but I’m looking into getting developer kits that use HiSilicon processors. They’re also the only major company left aside from Apple designing their own ARM cores, so that makes’em interesting in their own right.

Two components at work here. The first is us having evidence of them participating in espionage against the US. I would like to see the evidence but I will trust our intelligence agencies on this one. The second is that they can indeed include a “back door” into their networking gear. People like to think that our firewalls are robust enough to protect our national security. But in reality any system can be compromised. A security software company CEO once said that he had a unlimited income source. He said that within a year of creating a new security software it becomes compromised and his company has to create a new version.
I also don’t like the idea that Huawei is suspected of working with North Korea to set up networks (they deny it). Huawei does use some American designed and made components. So if they are setting them up it would violate our trade ban with North Korea.

Of course I support Trump’s policy restricting Huawei and Chinese tech company.

One must have their head buried in the sand if they don’t.

Good Gawds.

Do you need to be an expert? :face_with_monocle:

And tons of alleged patent infringements, hackings. corporate espionage, and stealing of intellectual property.

No…but means I’m open to ideas. :wink:

So are we all. Are you open to Gavin Newsom’s ideas or does common sense prevail for you?

That’s pretty much the just of it, do countries trust the CCP? This is one of the reasons the last I heard Britain was reconsidering their partnership Huawei after their handling of the coronavirus although I haven’t kept up with the news over there.

So there could be many back door threats with the new technology and do we trust the CCP? I think the answer to the second question answers itself as China has a history of intellectual property theft as well as spying. The equinox hack which didn’t get near enough coverage by the media affected 147 million Americans personal information and was perpetrated by China. Imho I don’t understand why anyone would trust them.

A no brainer with China’s track record I would have supported the Obama’s administration on the fight against Huawei if it was happening right now.

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I have no idea what you’re talking about.

We are talking about Huawei and Chinese goverment involvement…by sending all info if corporate secrets back to China.

We can’t even trust our own ■■■■■■■ goverment…but al least corporate secrets will stay in United States.

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5G will be the greatest spying tool the world has ever concocted and to allow China to be at the helm is totally beyond stupid. I’m very suprised at the names of those who voted “no”.

It’s the members that didn’t voted. :wink:

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