Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

When counting is hard, 47 is a lot.

(Not even one per state per year. Wanna bet the vast majority of those are concentraterd in the feral parts of inner cities?)



A chart showing Municipality/state for each shooting would tell the tail.

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one of the 47 was babbitt.

why the concern for her, but not the other 46……


Since when is that a rule?



facts are the purest form of comedy.

i am a layman on quite a few subjects.

I am not a police officer. so therefore i dont what differentiates between a good shoot and a bad one.




Were they law enforcement officers? You do know law enforcement officers have to operate under a different set of rules than an ordinary citizen, don’t you?


Not a lot.


Yeah … it’s almost all of his fingers. :wink:

Ask those with the concern. I’ve posted (way back after it happened) that I considered it a legit shoot.

If…it was legit, she’d have had to have gone through those armed officers guarding the doors. Byrd would have been standing front and center, clearly in view, telling everyone, “do not come through those doors or you will be shot”. None of those officers did their jobs and should be prosecuted IMO.


I have also stayed out of the back-and-forth ad nauseam about the incident.

Nobody is going to change his mind. Including me.

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I didn’t realize that those two individuals were trained, veteran, law enforcement officers, operating under a published use of force policy.

326 is a lot, depending on your definition.

obviously you disagree, with me.

should be close to zero, which is a few.


So if the officer was a citizen it would have been ok to shoot Babbitt?

Just because somebody is unarmed doesn’t absolutely mean they don’t need shooting. How many of them involved an automobile?

In his house.

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defending the house or protecting the house speaker?

a tough choice.


Like where Rittenhouse and Zimmerman were…in their houses…