Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

what do you know, changing the subject to keep playing game.

when did I ever want to avoid acknowledging black people who support Trump?

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that has to be an 9.9 for sticking the landing like that

Sheer perfection

But i see that only leftist see these Q people and know what they are up to. Now why is that?

Is there a point there I should respond to?

not a very clever trick.

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only leftists…

Because we do our homework. And good luck at trying to stick Q on the left side. It really makes you look silly.

Not a trick at all.


“Insurrectionists” and “terrorists” tried to break into the Oklahoma state Senate chamber because they didn’t like a bill that was being approved. Should some hero cop have shot the first one touching the door to stop them?

Oklahoma governor signs bill to protect drivers who hit rioters, as protesters try breaking into Senate | Fox News


I have a problem with these bills that allow drivers to hit protesters without punishment

I can’t even believe that’s a real thing. There’s no way they survive a court challenge.

I just hope I’m missing something with those bills. I haven’t seen the actual bills yet.

Two states have passed them. I know that. Utah or something and somewhere in Dixie.

I have not seen a copy of the actual proposed bill. However, breaking into the capitol building to stop the legislative process is clearly insurrection…or so I have heard.


Here’s a little more detail, though certainly not a quote from the bill.

“The bill would make it misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine for anyone who blocks the use of a public street. The measure would also grant a motorist criminal and civil immunity if they kill or injure someone while fleeing from a riot.

That would appear to say if you don’t want to be at risk from someone fleeing, don’t create a riot.

Just saw a little more. NOt only do they have to be fleeing from a riot but the death or injury caused must be unintentional. Some stories are leaving out significant portions of what the bill is about.

Is anyone surprised?

The bill, which passed in an early morning vote, would grant immunity to a driver who “unintentionally” injures or kills a person if they are “fleeing from a riot” and are “under a reasonable belief that fleeing was necessary to protect the motor vehicle operator from serious injury or death.”
The bill defines a rioter as anyone carrying out “murder, maiming, robbery, rape or arson” during civil unrest"

Of course, click on The Bill, above, to read the actual bill.

Hmmmm…the actual bill says the driver must have exercised reasonable care during his fleeing.

Man…the media really has exaggerated this bill.

Absolutely that is sadly very true. It’s nothing less than the war between GOOD and EVIL. Those who slander the Law will die by the Law… so they keep repeating on a treadmill, spiraling down, down, down, lower and lower, deep into the karmic beastly soup then poof!!

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If someone tries to block a vehicle from advancing because of some riot ■■■■■■■■■■ folks should be allowed to leave. I wouldn’t sit still while my car gets surrounded, attacked, burned up, or anything similar. Try and stop me because of your riot, and I’ll simply leave. I don’t suggest anyone do that. Simple.


He says while studiously ignoring over a year of leftist violence and destruction.


The violence is not justified but it’s part of something.

The Q following and the radicalization behind it is based in imagination.

Just look at the last post by a Q supporter in this thread