Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

Maybe you could be a bit more precise about that.

… or not.

a bit precise about what? you have the link to the thread.

Q swag? There’s another thing that only libs seem to know anything about. :wink:


I do? Are you meaning that I can go to the menu and thus to any thread on the site and then search for the key words “support Qanon”?

lol. I get it now, you’re playing a game: “Pretend we didn’t see anything”

that’s fun.


no, you can read what’s posted instead of playing games.

What do you know … There are some of those Blacks for Trump that you never want to acknowledge.

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We know who q is probably. His followers were all over social media and at trump rallies.

They weren’t plants.

what do you know, changing the subject to keep playing game.

when did I ever want to avoid acknowledging black people who support Trump?

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that has to be an 9.9 for sticking the landing like that

Sheer perfection

But i see that only leftist see these Q people and know what they are up to. Now why is that?

Is there a point there I should respond to?

not a very clever trick.

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only leftists…

Because we do our homework. And good luck at trying to stick Q on the left side. It really makes you look silly.

Not a trick at all.


“Insurrectionists” and “terrorists” tried to break into the Oklahoma state Senate chamber because they didn’t like a bill that was being approved. Should some hero cop have shot the first one touching the door to stop them?

Oklahoma governor signs bill to protect drivers who hit rioters, as protesters try breaking into Senate | Fox News


I have a problem with these bills that allow drivers to hit protesters without punishment

I can’t even believe that’s a real thing. There’s no way they survive a court challenge.