Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

How do you know who they voted for? Or even if they voted.

It wasn’t a few people at the trump rallies wirh the q logos So we are going with plants?

So is it ok to use that procedure during the HUGE Antifa/BLM riots that seem to go on continuously? :thinking:

Or is it only acceptable during the 1 percent of riots that conservatives start? :thinking:

The YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of subscribers deciphering the q posts and praising trump are all fake

The rallies are plants

The movement is just a figment of Elkins imagination

Once again I will point out the fact that only leftist seem to know anything about Q. Makes a person wonder just who Q is.

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only leftists… wonder how that makes some posters here feel?

That’s what we are trying to tell you … it seems like only libs know anything about Qanon.


Wonder why only leftist seem to know anything about Q.

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interesting that you’re insinuating a passionate Trump support who promotes Q is a leftist…

Maybe you could be a bit more precise about that.

… or not.

a bit precise about what? you have the link to the thread.

Q swag? There’s another thing that only libs seem to know anything about. :wink:


I do? Are you meaning that I can go to the menu and thus to any thread on the site and then search for the key words “support Qanon”?

lol. I get it now, you’re playing a game: “Pretend we didn’t see anything”

that’s fun.


no, you can read what’s posted instead of playing games.

What do you know … There are some of those Blacks for Trump that you never want to acknowledge.

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We know who q is probably. His followers were all over social media and at trump rallies.

They weren’t plants.

what do you know, changing the subject to keep playing game.

when did I ever want to avoid acknowledging black people who support Trump?

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that has to be an 9.9 for sticking the landing like that

Sheer perfection

But i see that only leftist see these Q people and know what they are up to. Now why is that?