Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

See @Borgia_dude … one does not have to be the addressee to respond to someone else’s post.

Who said so? Is that in their charter?

It seems you don’t know a lot about Qanon, and I count that as a plus for you. Glad you haven’t fallen down this rabbit hole many of your fellow Conservatives have. I am hoping this is all a fad but it may just be a harbinger for the next fraudulent movement.

I don’t understand why some Cons are being targeted with these conspiracies and why they seem to take hold so well with them, Libs are prone to flights of fancy as well (9/11 truthers come to mind) but not to the extent that they invade the US Capital building to stop certification of a perfectly legitimate election, all on the basis of lies and nonsense.

There has to be something at play which makes these folks vulnerable to manipulation. Some say they are anxious about the changing demographics of the country and their perceived loss of power, I don’t know if that is true but it seems palpable.

He donated a lot more to leftist than anyone else.

What I understand is that it is only leftist who know anything about Q.

There is an adamant Q defender on this board who started a thread about Q drops. Check it out maybe.

It even touches on the Pizzagate pedo ring conspiracy.

There were two other passionate Q promoters who stopped posting shortly after the election when the entire Q narrative they pushed came crashing down around them.

Thank you

Yea those people online to trump rallies wearing q swag we’re all making fashion statements

How do you know who they voted for? Or even if they voted.

It wasn’t a few people at the trump rallies wirh the q logos So we are going with plants?

So is it ok to use that procedure during the HUGE Antifa/BLM riots that seem to go on continuously? :thinking:

Or is it only acceptable during the 1 percent of riots that conservatives start? :thinking:

The YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of subscribers deciphering the q posts and praising trump are all fake

The rallies are plants

The movement is just a figment of Elkins imagination

Once again I will point out the fact that only leftist seem to know anything about Q. Makes a person wonder just who Q is.

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only leftists… wonder how that makes some posters here feel?

That’s what we are trying to tell you … it seems like only libs know anything about Qanon.


Wonder why only leftist seem to know anything about Q.

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interesting that you’re insinuating a passionate Trump support who promotes Q is a leftist…

Maybe you could be a bit more precise about that.

… or not.

a bit precise about what? you have the link to the thread.

Q swag? There’s another thing that only libs seem to know anything about. :wink: