Who said electing Judges was a bad idea?

Totally fine and normal reaction to losing.

Also highlights one of the more underlooked aspects of the mid-terms: Democrats won a lot of state-level races.

The American Civil Liberties Union is calling for an investigation into his actions,

This seems appropriate under the circumstances. If this judge acted improperly due to sour grapes over losing an election, it’s possible he should be disbarred.


Damn. What an ass.

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Along those state level lines, Dems picked up seven governorships, a couple secretary of states, four attorney generals, flipped six state and house chambers. States where Dems have a trifecta of the governorship and the state legislatures went from 8 to 14. Still waiting on the final number of state legislative seats that Dems picked up.

The Harris County GOP judicial candidates took a beating…

Whether Democrats win, as in Harris County or Republicans win, partisan judicial elections always stink. Hopefully the winners are qualified for the positions they have won and will handle their jobs in a non-partisan manner.

Unfortunately in Texas, many elected Judges, whether Republicans or Democrats, have come up short.

Hopefully, someday Texas will abandon the farce of partisan judicial elections

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I absolute agree… When I voted earlier in the week there were several judges on the ballot. I think we all know how I made the choice…

Ultimately, I would hope all States would move to merit selection for judges.

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It’s Texass, the home of guns and irrational behavior, what do you expect. :grin:

I blame New York

Good. Too many in prison. Prison industrial complex. For profit.

Double win then, since Devlin appears to have sent more than a few there.


“Devlin and another juvenile court judge in the county, John Phillips, also a Republican, were responsible for more than one-fifth of the minors sent to juvenile prisons in the state in 2017, the Houston Chronicle found during an investigation in October. Counting another juvenile court judge’s rulings with those of Devlin and Phillips, about 96 percent of the children locked up were minorities, the Chronicle reported.”

Yep. Balance restored.

I should note that New York State and my own State of Pennsylvania both have judiciaries that are as equally ****** up, if not more ****** than Texas’. :smile:

Here in Pennsylvania, we have had many judicial scandals, both in Republican and Democratic areas that came from elected Judges. We have had major Supreme Court scandals. We had two Judges not far from my home that were arrested in the infamous “Kids for Cash” scandal. There was an entire municipal court abolished in Philadelphia because it had become a den of thieves.

New York is obviously a Democratic stronghold and Pennsylvania is predominantly Democratic these days.

The point being that partisan judicial elections lead to incompetency and corruption, regardless of which party dominates.

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Makes me feel better about living in CA, or maybe I just never hear about them here.

California uses a modified form of merit selection at the appellate level and yes/no retention elections.

Judges of the Superior Court are elected in NON-partisan elections, which, while not good, are still a great improvement over partisan elections.

That is why you don’t see as much scandal.

What’s even funnier is in the weeks leading up to the election you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing ads like “Elect Republican judges, it doesn’t matter what their names are, just vote for Republican judges because they follow the law unlike those scurrilous Democrats”.

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Republicans make better decisions than Democrats. I think it’s unfair to the voters when they’re denied the knowledge of what political party a potential judge belongs to. How are we going to know the judge is going to follow the law if we don’t know if they’re a Republican or a Democrat?

Turn down the talk radio.