Who really cares about Maxine Watters?

Do you think that hardly anyone would know who she is, if she wasn’t going after Trump constantly? Trump has made her a star, because without him, nobody would care about her. lol.

People know who she is. She was this whacked out long before Trump came along.


She has been crazy for decades the only reason she is still around is she keep getting re-elected.

DNC would be happy to get rid of her but she keep winning elections.

So you’re saying elections have consequences? Who knew?

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She’s a nutter. Has been for a long time. I wouldn’t shed a tear if she were deposed.

However, if I were to steal a page from the Trumpist playbook, the fact that she drives faux-cons crazy means she must be doing something right.

Steve Scalise cares… democrats inciting incivility is a wonderful thing

Who is stupid enough to re-elect her though? Owe wait, she gets re-elected in California. Ok, that makes sense.

If it’s good enough for trump…