Who pays for the wall

For all you that say Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall. If Mexico did pay for the wall, is the wall okay then!

If Mexicans gave fat donald one big check? Yes, I’m totally OK with it.

Okay we could charge anybody that wants to come to our country a large fee to cross the boarder. A toll booth.


He never said taxpayers would be paying for it.

Or that our children and grandchildren would be paying for it, as he has already steered us into record deficit spending.

Why the hell would we do that?

that how we pay for infrastructure in the US. Bridges, Highways

Yep. Did you think this was a gotcha question?

How is charging British, French, German, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, South Africans, etc., etc…

That enter out country (in addition to Mexicans) getting Mexico to pay for the wall?

No brother, this is a stupid idea. What would be a wonderful idea though, is to heavily penalize individuals/corporations that hire illegal immigrants on a daily basis.

That what E verify was for. I am all for penalizing illegal hiring.

I do not want the Rio Grande to be blocked by the wall. I also do not want prosperity owners to lose any land.

We already charge them to come into the country.

Upon successfully submitting the packet, applicants will be granted interviews at a U.S. consulate or embassy. A few days prior to the interview, applicants must complete a medical exam by a USCIS approved physician (information usually included along with interview date). The cost of the medical exam can range from $150 to $300, however, required vaccinations to enter the U.S. easily can add $500 to the exam cost. Applicants also will pay $80 for a biometrics (fingerprinting) fee before they have their interview. If the interview is successful, then applicants can enter the U.S. legally. The approval usually is valid for one year, meaning applicants must enter within a year or lose their status. The cost of entering varies significantly, such as $100 by bus from Mexico to $1,000 by plane from India.