Who needs Congress and state legislatures when activist judges can just change the law as they see fit

Why oh why when assumptions are proved wrong can people simply not acknowledge their errors?

Why must they double down?

Election Day is the 3rd, not the 2nd. Assumption 1 wrong.
The judge was acting in accordance with a law passed by Congress (a law passed, btw, because states were passing laws that actively suppressed black votes). Assumption 2 wrong.

End thread?

Probably not.

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Why canā€™t people just state an error once and move on to the point of the op? What good does it do for every poster to harp on the same trivial thing? Why do some people never mature beyond a grade school mentality?

Read my post again.

I highlighted BOTH mistaken assumptionsā€¦including the one that undergirded the OPers main point.

The point is doubly wrong because federal judges only have this powerā€¦granted by Congressā€¦ because for decades states used their lawmaking power to actively abridge peopleā€™s voting rights

Exactly. Read the voter rights act. It clearly gives federal judges the right to change a law.


Thatā€™s a legal term for ā€œunlimitedā€. The law was crafted by lawyers. How (slick) creative of them to extend that kind of latitude to federal judges.

I stand corrected on this one.

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So much for the amendment on states rights huh?

The constitution empowers Congress in overseeing the statesā€™ elections.

Was wrong on this one. Admitted.

And this isnā€™t changing a law that was passed to supress the vote. Itā€™s chabging a law thtat covers EVERYONE equally. See the difference.

So requiring the absentee votes (aka mailed votes) to be in and counted by election day abridges rights to vote how again? Itā€™s like showing up to a polling location 5 days late and expecting them to let you vote.

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Question. Who is tracking the postmarks on mail in ballots?


Section. 4.

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations,

Sorry, its left to the states and congress. Not arbitrary ruliongs by a judge.

How is submitting a ballot by Election Day such a problem? We vote on November 3rd. If ballots are submitted by that day, then shouldnā€™t we ALL want them counted?

It was assuring the voting rights of those who choose to vote by mail because of the pandemic. Assumption 2 still wrong.

CONGRESS empowered the JUDGE through LAW! You know, that thing that CONGRESS DOES.

What do you mean? If the law saays receved and counted by end of day on election day ā€“ wht do you need to worry about postmark? Given six extra days, then they have to start watching the posgtmark and making sure there is one.

Because there will be more of them than usual, coming in right up until Election Day.

How does granting an extra six days to count them pose a problem?

Oh my GOD that will be so difficult to look at an envelope and see if thereā€™s a postmark.

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That ship sailed after the Civil War. If States canā€™t voluntarily leave the union, what rights do you think they have?

Because it might lead to votes being counted for the other side. Duh.