Who is your write-in candidate?

If you are dissatisfied with Trump or Biden…who would you vote for?

A fun thread, if it’s allowed to stay in politics.

I’m thinking of fictional characters that were created/lived in such a way that they would make an excellent president - exhibiting the qualities we now need.

So - only if you aren’t going to vote for Trump or Biden… who would you write in a vote for - and why?

Just a fun game

I’m thinking Picard of Star Trek: TNG. If we were at war it’d be Kirk every time, but since we want to avoid war… Picard would be best.

Justin Amash. Because he is the only principled conservative left in DC. He believes in the rule of law. He believes deeply in the Constitution. He is moral, ethical, and has integrity. All characteristics that matter to me.

If I’m gonna waste a vote writing in someone, I’m going to write in my own name.

That’s the person who most fits my political philosophy.

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The game is for people who won’t vote for Biden or Trump.

Since you’ll vote for Trump, there’s no point in you playing the game.

I’ll extrapolate further - call it childish or a pipe dream if you wish.

If a 100 folks, or even a 1000 folks, write in Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t send a signal.

If 100,000 or more folks write in Picard - or some other fictional candidate - it sends a message of what kind of leadership we’re looking for.

If we could get the 50% of Americans who don’t vote to go and do a write-in vote for one specific candidate…

Of course it wouldn’t work unless we had the numbers…

And it probably wouldn’t work even then on politicians…but it might light a fire underneath “the people” that we can and should do better than what we’ve got.

People have been pushing this for longer than you’ve probably been alive.

The oldest games are always the best.