Who is Trump talking about here?

As of late, I try not to make threads about a Trump tweet because I feel its not worth it, but this one is different in that it would be fun to guess who he had in mind when he tweeted it.

So is this Hep Hicks, or Don Jr., or Omorosa, or Flynn Jr., or all of the above?

Can’t be Corey, he’s making money off the deal. Can’t be Cohen, he never got to come to DC with the boss.

Reince? Spicer?

I bet it’s Melania. She hasn’t been seen since May 10.

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As far as I can remember, the only person who left because of anything Russia was Michael Flynn.

And all the FBI/DOJ people he fired.

You can review all the departures here:

maybe he had alot of people in mind. Libs have been trying to ruin the lives of anyone supporting Trump… then they say

" see… everyone who Trump touches is ruined"

as though it is Trump’s doing.

I wonder if the TDS is spread by a virus that seeks out the most hateful brains to infect. We know that MRI reveals that a hating brain has certain identifiable characteristics. Hmmmmm.

evidently it’s people who have broken the law and were caught.

That is fantastic. As always, he’s only referring to himself. That’s why he added the “and others”, after the “young and beautiful”.

That tweet is ■■■■■■■ hilarious. Just complete unhinged senility.

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There you go folks. This is the man that has the nuclear gold codes.

His brain appears to be rapidly failing him.

And just how are we ruining lives?

I wonder how often she thinks about the prenup?

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By challenging their conspiracies?

Yes, that’s it. Especially the one about how Regis Philbin bugged Trump Tower. I like that one.

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The jokes just write themselves with our President Joker.

The orange pile is becoming unhinged, I think there will be more bad news for his dumb ass next week.

It’s me. I did it…

If you libs find yourself laughing after you post such “jokes”, you might want to look up Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA).

Not Infrastructure Week!!

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