Who is the more liable imbecile in the current tariff debacles, the imbecile levying tariffs or the bipartisan collective group of imbeciles who gave away their Constitutional power?

Funny, I never pegged you for a Trumpist.

Funny, I never heard a word about this from any of you from '08-'16.

Are you avoiding it now because your preferred man is in office?

I’m not avoiding anything. Fair and balanced.

I doubt we’d be hearing from you now if the election had gone the way it was supposed to.

I have no doubt we’d be hearing from you every day if it had.

Yes you do.

You had your 8 years and thought you were getting 8 more. Now you want to change the rules just because you don’t like the outcome?


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You didnt vote…you have no say

I have a gun, I’ll always have a say.

Well that’s psycho

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I get it. After 8 years of wandering in the liberal wilderness of the Obama administration, most Trumpists didn’t want a Promised Land so much as they wanted revenge. Whataboutism remains a primary defense for Donald’s hopelessly inept governance and his moral bankruptcy, while vindictiveness remains a primary justification for their enthusiastic support of him.

TL;DR: “But Hillary/Eat your peas” is the mentality in Trumpistan. Some were just faster in their bandwagoning than others.


Tell it to Sam Adams.

Obama wasn’t a complete and utter moron.

And you want to take your ball and play checkers.


That’s true. And irrelevant.


You realize that is not a selling point for most Trump supporters.


Whether or not the president is competent seems pretty relevant to me.

The President is elected, his competence is not for you to decide. He doesn’t have to president the way you want him to.

And now, after cheering your guy on, you want to change the rules because you won the House?


Y’all elected a fraud and a moron. Deal with the consequences.

Ok. No problem.