Who is the Evil, behind the Evil?

The muscle, the money, the power, the source. With most thing evil in this world, if you cut
off the head of something, it will die, and the rest will struggle to remain.

So who is the evil, behind the evil? How many organizations, politicians, activist groups, many more people and groups within the Democrat Party are funded by George Soros? Do you think that the Clintons have certain evils about them? Do you find that there is any corruptness about the Democrat Party what-so-ever? Why would you attack a pawn in chess, if you could win the game and get check mate? In the mid-term elections do you want the corruption that has been plaguing this country like the Socialist Democrats? Or do you want to Make America Great Again?

Think about it? I Beg you to consider very carefully, and very wisely. For if the Democrats regain control, the country will get much more worse!

So you’re going with the “Democrats are evil” thing? Not really original. I’d maybe give you a 3/10 for that. I’m giving you the 3 points for effort. Otherwise we’ve been here many many times before.

To sum up:

  1. George Soros is the evil behind the evil
  2. You can’t defeat evil by fighting pawns
  3. Vote against the pawns
  4. If you don’t vote against the pawns, [insert standard fearmongering plea here]

Thanks for sharing.


I certainly don’t want the country to get much worse by:

  • Adopting a modern healthcare model that reduces costs and covers everyone like every other developed nation
  • Adopt a reasonable tax policy that doesn’t disproportionately benefit the rich and big corporations already sitting on records profits while exploding the deficit and eventually hurting working and middle class Americans
  • Adopt reasonable gun safety legislation that mitigates the homicide rate more in line with other developed nations
  • Adopt a reasonable drug policy that decriminalizes a drug less dangerous than alcohol, doesn’t disproportionately hurt minority men, and deincentivizes cartel and gang activity that contribute heavily to the violence in our cities
  • Stop attacking the civil liberties of marginalized groups

Let’s please avoid these evils.


The OP sure does like those CEC talking points.

So many threads don’t go the way that the original poster expects.