Who is Ricki Seidman?, Who is Debra Katz?, Who is Brian Fallon? Who is George Soros? Who Is Blaseley Ford? and what do they have in common?

Starting with Seidman she worked against Bork and recruited Anita Hill. Now she is an Advisor to Ford. and she was on CNBC talking about stopping the Trump Nominee.

Then this Katz lady. The Ford attorney, not a new face. She is vice chair of the project on government oversight. POGO sent a letter to the Judicial committee demanding Kavanaugh documents. Part of the delay strategy unquestionably. The following link explains ties to Soros and suggest the4 progressive agenda is best pursued through the courts.

Then we have direction by Brian Fallon a Clinton and Obama operative. The daily caller explains then strategy.

And it all leads to Soros Open Society Foundation.

The lawyer representing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser is a leader in an organization that has been directly funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, reports say.

Soros became a US citizen in 1961. he uses his wealth to promote political agendas on a global basis.

And he is behind Ford. A cheap political operative.

The FBI should investigate this influence on the democrat party.

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