Who is fact checking the left wing media?


Yeah, when I read that I went ■■■? Completely did a 180 on his position. When I see this I suspect that the arguments are just to be contradictory and not genuine.


Yes…all sources have a bias.

How do you think you would overcome that?


Who fact checks the President?


So now we are supposed to believe Mueller? I thought he was Democrat trying his hardest to undermine this President?


Democrats :
2016 : “It’s Mueller Time!” “Mueller is God”
2019 : “Mueller and Barr compromised,…we must investigate!”


That’s because Mueller did not find any crimes against their King.

Now Mueller is a patriot. :us:


Mueller wasn’t involved until 2017.


I am just glad all this liberal fantasies are coming to a close.


What’s next for President Trump? What agenda is he tackling next?

Anything you want him to focus on?


So now we know why deep state Rosenstein stayed.


The premise of the investigation was…

…which included whether or not there were connections or corroberation with the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign was not the ‘entire premise’ of the investigation.


I tuned into MSNBC shortly after it was announced that the letter had been released. From the get-go they were saying that it said that it does not conclude that the President committed a crime. And they basically said it that way over the hour that I watched.


After more than two years of expecting this report was going to lay out the goods on the treasonous traitor in the white house, only to have that fever dream fall flat, it’s really no wonder they’re clinging to what ever string of hope that may remain for their tattered reputation.


I don’t watch either CNN or Fox but I suspect if you do you’ll get the first part of the quote from the latter. So just match them up. :wink:


The entire premise for launching the investigation was the accusations of Trump/Russia collusion.


I quoted the premise from Rosenstein’s instructions to Mueller.


The investigation began long before Mueller’s appointment. No where in that appointment letter is he instructed to look for crimes blindly without any evidence of a crime being committed to start with.


A "not ‘guilty beyond reasonable doubt’ " verdict is by default exhoneration. “Innocent until PROVEN guilty.”


Where are those words? I don’t see them in Barr’s report.


It’s funny that you mention this - because it’s essentially what Barr said regarding a charge of Obstruction against Trump.