Who is buying Hunter's prints?

Remember how the presidents son in law basically secured gazzillions of dollars in real estate deals and then proferred a bunch of peace deals with countries that haven’t been at war with each other in decades.

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Why? You don’t care. It’s an endless list of ethics concerns. It doesn’t matter to you.

Hunter serving on foreign boards because of who his father is bad. Like pretty bad. The rest is your favorite form of connecting the dots - innuendo.

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Oh I remember that.

Remember when his former lawyer showed that while he was President, he was writing hush money checks in the Oval Office … a crime that that very lawyer went to jail for… and no one cared?

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How can you possibly know who “individual number whatever” was? His name is not in the indictment. It could have been the chief of staff. Yeah that’s it.

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Is selling art illegal? Is serving on a foreign country’s company’s board illegal?

For a group of people who tattooed technically not illegal on themselves this is a pretty cool thread


The documents show that in 2018, Deutsche Bank provided President Trump with a significant financial benefit by allowing him to delay making principal payments on the Trump Hotel’s $170 million loan—which Trump had personally guaranteed—for a period of six years. Without this deferral, the hotel may have needed to pay tens of millions of additional dollars to Deutsche Bank at a time when it was already facing steep losses.

They allowed him to “delay making payments”, not that he didn’t have to pay and this is your idea of a corrupt act that rivals Hunter? K.

Yeah… preferential treatment from a foreign bank that personally saved him millions of dollars that he failed to publicly report.

Most people see that type of behavior from a President as a bad thing.

How? How did delaying payment “save him millions of dollars”?

He saved tens of millions of dollars from not having to pay the principle on $170,000,000 loan on his failing DC Hotel.

He doesn’t have the money.

After he was no longer President, Deustche Bank was like “Trump who?”

I know… I know… secret preferential treatment from a foreign bank to the President is no biggie.

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We have noticed that. Like those who ranted over empty bank accounts in China belonging to Trump ignore the dealings of Hunter and the Big Guy.

Empty bank account to the tune of millions of dollars.

And I have made my opinion about Hunter Biden selling art known.

I don’t believe that any of those who all of a sudden has become so concerned with appearances of impropriety actually care. M

The past few years is where I pull from to form that opinion

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So they have written off the loan? Is this what you’re saying? Otherwise, how does Trump save millions?

Document this millions of dollars that is bothering you. I haven’t found it with a search engine.


You make it sound like Republicans made famous the phrase "“no controlling legal authority”


Of course not. History didn’t start 5 years ago.

…but it sure changed course.

Not at all. But if these are de facto payments for access to or preferential treatment by the Big Guy, the voters at least have a right to ask the questions. And that is exactly what they are.

And is your opinion “I would never vote for anyone who would allow that to happen” ?

I doubt it. Typically when progs say they are opposed to certain prog behavior when they get caught, they continue to vote for those who enable that behavior.

“Crocodile tears” comes to mind.

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Yeah that’s for sure. A populist president. Smh. Some still think that’s a good thing.