Who here has reverence for George Floyd?

Clearly there are now many people who view George Floyd with what I see as religious devotion. Just look at his funeral:


I couldn’t help but to wonder does every black person get that kind of funeral? He also has a memorial, a street named after him and of course there was Nancy Pelosi’s comment regarding him sacrificing his life for us. I couldn’t help but to wonder if he is a modern day Jesus?

I have personally found this whole thing as clearly bizarre and honestly disturbing when one thinks about this logically. To be fair I am the type of person views the obsessive reverence of any human being as disturbing, whether it’s an athlete, actor, musician, politician, etc. Is such type of reverence really healthy behavior? Has anyone here taken the time to really get to know who George Floyd was? Have you tried read as much about his life as possible?

Well he’s no Ashli Babbitt.

He was martyred. That’s why. Even if it’s a bit much.

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:rofl: No he wasn’t.

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We’ve honored slaveholders, confederate generals, and genocide architects with far more than a funeral and street name.

Yet when it’s George Floyd… it seems different. I wonder why?

For the record I think naming a street after him is a bit much.

He was a piece of ■■■■ , just like the piece of ■■■■ who murdered him.


Because he was black?

The US has a history of honoring far worse individuals… yet… no thread on those.

Hell we have most of this board defending them :rofl:

You might be on to something

I KNEW it!


Floyd will not be remembered in American history. He’s a nobody, used as an excuse while his corpse was convenient.

A piece of ■■■■ , just like the piece of ■■■■ who murdered him, who also won’t be remembered.


Hmm not sure about that… but I don’t think he needs to be remembered for much of anything. But the movement definitely will

The “movement” won’t last either. In a hundred or so more years, people won’t even remember that there used to be fake racial tensions on the TV.


I’m trying to figure out why conservatives support honoring confederate traitors, violent slaveholders, genocide leaders with faces on money, streets names, school names, flags, etc

I’ve never seen a thread on the forums where a conservative supported the removal of anything honoring those individuals.

But with George Floyd… it’s like “we shouldn’t do this”

It’s funny


Yes they will. We still learn about the civil rights movement, which was “lesser” compared to chattel slavery and the emancipation proclamation.

You wish this era won’t be in history books… just like people wished it wouldn’t during the civil rights movement

Projection in response to an observation. I accept your surrender. :wink:

Try posts. Mine. But I’m a liberal.

You didn’t see the posts calling for voting on it?

They weren’t traitors. Calm down.

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We have no clue what the history will be, they might be reading in the history books 100 years from now “This was the beginning of the end of America which shortly after the riots and protests went the way of Yugoslavia”.

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He wasn’t martyred. He was killed after a scuffle with police. He was killed for no good reason. He didn’t die for anyone’s cause.

Did you read the OP?