Who here believes the Dem's really don't intend to pursue the Green New Deal if elected in 2020?

So, the Dems roll out their New Green Deal, not realising it’s crazy, because their Trump derangement syndrome has completely disconnected them from reality. Reality hits them with a feedback loop from critics living in the real world, and now it’s just a conversation starter, and they never intended to do it. I think I heard that about pursuing Trump’s impeachment before the mid-terms. But those assurances before the mid-terms were clearly just the usual strategy of lying to get elected.

Who here believes the Dem’s really don’t intend to pursue the Green New Deal if elected in 2020? These people are globalists. MAGA-America stands as a bulwark against globalism and must there fore be brought down, and the globalists living in DC don’t need to stay in the US as their millions of illegal young militiamen immigrants tear it down before the UN’s military move in to bring “order” to the chaos the same UN created by injecting the ant-US insurgent aliens into Americas veins via their “refugee camps” set up in the north of Mexico. .

Looks like election season is gearing up. A lot of fear mongering lately pointing the finger at the enemies. GOP should worry about the $1trillion deficit they created before they point the finger about green energy.

People are really scared of a 20 something year old waitress.


Yep. And they may say it’s a national emergency.


The most recent breakdown report from the U.S. Treasury is as of June 2018. The public debt was $15.6 trillion. It’s in the Treasury Bulletin, Ownership of Federal Securities, Table OFS-2. Here is the breakdown:

  • Foreign - $6.2 trillion. In June 2018, China owned $1.18 trillion of U.S. debt and Japan owned $1.03 trillion. That’s more than one-third of foreign holdings.
  • Federal Reserve - $2.46 trillion.
  • Mutual funds - $1.8 trillion.
  • State and local government, including their pension funds - $984 billion.
  • Private pension funds - $600 billion.
  • Banks - $674 billion.
  • Insurance companies - $226 billion.
  • U.S. savings bonds - $158 billion.
  • Other holders such as individuals, government-sponsored enterprises, brokers and dealers, bank personal trusts and estates, corporate and non-corporate businesses, and other investors - $2.4 trillion.

This debt is not only in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds but also in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities and special state and local government series securities.

As you can see, if you add up the debt held by Social Security and all the retirement and pension funds, almost half of the U.S. Treasury debt is held in trust for your retirement. If the United States defaults on its debt, foreign investors would be angry, but current and future retirees would be hurt the most.

What would happen if the US just claimed the Chinese held 1.18 trillion of US debt as reparations for their theft of technology and their interference in US politics via manipulation of internet media platforms, etc. ?

Who do you mean by “people”?

Blowing up the deficit with tax cuts for the wealthy is ok but funding a national infrastructure program that addresses energy and climate change issues is not.



You betcha I’m scared of her policies. Regardless of what one thinks, she is the most popular as well as by far the most media covered politician of the Democratic Party.

good thing being popular doesn’t mean anything when it comes to politics.

we can get the pitchfork when she passes a bill.

Scared of her policies… yes, should there ever be any chance they be implemented. Scared of her… no.

Her politics have little to no chance of being implemented.

Trump is following Obama in deficit spending which we all knew he was not a fiscal conservative. What Cortez is promoting is in a totally different spending league than anything America has embarked on.

Quiet peasant! get back to work or I’ll put you on the street

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Six 2020 democrat senators signed onto it. Why wouldn’t they just say, “Look this is crazy” instead of signaling their support.

Maybe if Trump calls for a massive infrastructure bill that supports energy efficiency conservatives will get behind it. But if it’s touted by AOC it’s evil.


Because it’s not crazy. It’s common sense.

Massive tax cuts for the wealthy that blows up the deficit are crazy.


I honest to god pray they push this ‘Green New Deal’ in 2020 and beyond.

It will sever unions from the DNC forever.

I would like to offer you a ‘common sense’ challenge.

For one year, you disconnect your house from the power company, and power your home on 100% solar and wind.

Are you game?

Why would I do that? And where in the NGD are they ever calling for everyone to do that? Let me ask…

Are you a fan of energy efficiency or not?

unions love the energy sector.