Who has taken the vaccine in America as of now real stats CDC

The CDC reports on demographics of individuals from each state who has taken at least one shot of the covid vaccine. These are their numbers that I will post here and leave a link to the source. The narrative that I have seen portrayed by the media and elsewhere is that most everyone except those white conservatives are taking the vaccine, leaving the rest of public at risk. Maybe someone can dig through these numbers to prove that narrative out of the official numbers from the CDC.

I couldn’t and I am a numbers guy in a sense from my profession. Also before covid it was reported that vaccine hesitancy was not a left/right issue and there was a percentage of both who had reservations about vaccines in general. Link to that study at the bottom.

Since they don’t ask political affiliation before getting the vaccine we are only left with raw numbers and ethnicity. The only thing I could pull from the numbers that is a 100% is by overall percentage Asians have taken the most vaccines followed by the following order White > but Hispanic close > black.

Here are the numbers

Before covid hit and like everything else had to be politicized there was studies as of 2017 through pew research that showed vaccine hesitancy flourished in small percentages around 10-15% on both sides of the political aisle.


Good data Conan. A problem needs well defined before it can be effectively resolved.

It was never a right/left issue.


I have read more than once that the most highly educated group of people are the largest “vaccine hesitant” group, followed by the significantly less educated (??). The first group is very well informed and has done a lot of research.


This “Conversation “ doesn’t seem to differentiate between covid vaccine hesitant and being anti-vaccine in general. I am not opposed to the “normal“
vaccines for children (though I do think kids shouldn’t get too many on the same day, more bad reactions seem to occur that way. Just bring back for half of them on a different day. Six shots in one day are too many!) Equating covid vaccine to the traditional vaccines is a false comparison. More nuanced comparison is needed (though it’s always tempting to paint those who disagree with us with the broad brush!).


NBC News poll from last week asked questions related to political stance of the vaccinated/unvaccinated.

  • Democrats: 88 percent
  • Independents: 60 percent
  • Republicans: 55 percent
  • Republicans who support Trump more than party: 46 percent
  • Republicans who support party more than Trump: 62 percent
  • Democratic Sanders-Warren voters: 88 percent
  • Democratic Biden voters: 87 percent
  • Biden voters in 2020 general election: 91 percent
  • Trump voters in 2020 general election: 50 percent


I’ve listened to a number of people look at this issue from various polls and come up with a different narrative than what’s generally being pushed by the Left. The first thing to note is that everyone who is pushing a narrative on this is basing it on polls, which are not perfect. Here’s what I can say from my own personal experience. Everyone in my family is vaccinated. Everyone in my extended (aunts/uncles) family is vaccinated. As far as I know all our family friends are vaccinated. And we are all generally Conservative in particularly on how we vote. In other words I have not seen any anti-vaccers in my crowd. Then again being in NJ could be a factor.

Only people I know who haven’t gotten the vaccination are my two cleaning ladies. Never chatted with them about politics so no idea which party if any they belong to. My wife is working on them because they also happen to clean the home of a friend of ours who is undergoing chemotherapy.

The important thing is what color everyone is.


Polls do not show the breakdown of people who have been or will be vaccinated. They show what people who responded to the poll said. When actual data of those who have taken the vaccinations show something different than the polls, you don’t keep repeating the poll.
These polls have been very wrong in showing the racial/ethnic background of those who have been vaccinated. We are supposed to believe the political backgrounds came out right?


That came from a highly questionable facebook poll I believe, where anybody can claim to have a Ph.D

It’s a poll. That’s how polls work. You ask people questions and use their responses to establish larger trends within a margin of error. If you have “actual data” of the political positions of those who have and haven’t been vaccinated, please share.

So wrong on ethnic make up, right on political make up? Ok, if you want to go with that. Because there’s no relationship between the two?

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One of the factors I heard someone discussing was availability. In other words those in more rural communities were less likely to be vaccinated. Heck even in NJ early on my wife had to travel almost an hour to a vaccination site. I could imagine in some areas people might have to travel 2-3 hours to get vaccinated.

I can only say when I had the shot in February, I had to wait in line for over two hours. The shots were being provided at the time in a largely non white area of town and yet activists were upset that too many whites were getting the shots. Currently, grocery stores and pharmacies make these available, so if access was ever a problem I don’t see it now.

Like I said. Margin of error. If you have data as to political affiliation please share.

They were way off on race, not some small margin of error.


I don’t. Neither does NBC.


Or the CDC was off. They even discussed it.

As of August 16, 2021, CDC reported that race/ethnicity was known for 58% of people who had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Among this group, nearly two thirds were White (58%), 10% were Black, 17% were Hispanic, 6% were Asian, 1% were American Indian or Alaska Native, and <1% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, while 8% reported multiple or other race. However, CDC data also show that recent vaccinations are reaching larger shares of Hispanic, Asian, and Black populations compared to overall vaccinations. Among vaccines administered in the past 14 days, 26% have gone to Hispanic people, 15% to Black people, and 4% to Asian people (Figure 1). These recent patterns suggest a narrowing of racial gaps in vaccinations at the national level, particularly for Hispanic and Black people, who account for a larger share of recent vaccinations compared to their share of the total population (26% vs. 17% and 15% vs. 12%, respectively).

They don’t know the race/ethnicity for 42% of the people who have been vaccinated. Hispanics have been the group with the most newly vaccinated over the prior 14 days. A poll taken a week later could easily reflect that and you know the race/ethnicity of everyone you poll.

And how are any polls NOT subject to false statements being made?

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