Who exactly is afraid of the Mueller report being released again?


Because the Dem’s are afraid of something if the process of the two investigations is investigated apparently.


No it doesn’t. But people at the Justice Department, and some who are no longer there could face charges.

It could also show what a sham it was to not charge Clinton, but keep the investigation of Trump going at all costs.

(or did you miss the release from closed door testimoney that the “insurance policy against trump” was the investigation?


I dont think don has much on Graham. He has always been a craven ********

Edit: i noticed auto censor didnt hide a particular b word so i did it myself to be safe.


Yeah you know this isnt true…graham nuked the resolution for trump…

You know this…i know this…this is a prime example of what was dicussed in the meeting thread…


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It’s a supremely flaccid attempt at muzzling the Mueller report. It won’t work but good on him for trying.


There is absolutely no reason for a special counsel to investigate the special counsel. This is inexcusable yet here we are…


How did Graham Nuke the resolution? Please be specific.

Schumer Called for a vote.

Graham said he would make an amendment to the resolution

Schumer pulled his request for a vote.

Looks like Schumer didn’t like the idea of the amendment and doesn’t want senate dem’s to vote on it.


I just said who is…you…

Im not going over the rest of your bait…

You know what this is and what it did… ow you are just playing partisan good boy for your team…


He put that in after he nuked the bill. Sheesh. This is bad even for you.


Blah blah blah blah…let me know when you have an argument that isnt disingenuous…


Mueller is a Republican. Just let this go… this is a horrible hill to die on. What was wrong with the original bill? Why not just bring up another bill?


I bet no Trump supporters would complain about how long that ‘investigate the investigation’ lasts.


Whataboutery. Conan come on.


All except for der trumpengroper of course.


Don’t try to weasel out of the discussion.


That’s a right fair assessment there.

Schumer should have called his bluff. If it wasn’t a bluff, then dems could have cried witch hunt until the next election.


Mueller has been compromised…therefor he has to recuse himself from father investigations. Specially where CoJ and FBI is concerned.


You mean like the pee tape, Cohen Russia-Prague meeting Steel Dossier that started this whole mess which was baseless?

That has been an ongoing 2 and 1/2 year conspiracy.


There is nothing to discuss. The whole premise Snow is putting forth is disingenuous.