Who exactly is afraid of the Mueller report being released again?


You really don’t see that it’s maneuver to stop the making public any of the Mueller report until the at least the 2020 election.


Mueller been contaminated…his bias has been clear when he hire all Clinton loving Trump haters.


We are asking…in fact I think many are demanding it.


It was putting the Dem’s between a rock and a hard place.

Schumer decided he didn’t, for some reason, want a vote showing how the Senate Dem’s would feel about another special council being appointed.


Really? outside of that one person who was kicked off the team who are the rest?


Trump should call his buddy at the DOJ.


Jesus, Snow, you’re blaming Democrats and/or Schumer? Last time I checked, Mueller is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican appointed by Trump.


I fail to see how Graham request has anything to do with the Mueller report being made public.


So Graham didn’t block it, Schumer pulled it?


So like I was saying…

There is nothing to base a SC investigation on. Fevered imaginations and desperation don’t count.

When Trump fired Comey in an attempt to obstruct justice that was ample reason for a SC investigation.


Blame for what?

Well the op says the senate republican’s killed the vote.

That’s not true

A republican said here’s an amendment I want to make. More than likely, the R controlled senate would add it to the resolution, and the FULL senate would vote on it that way.

Schumer pulled his request for a vote because of it. Truth is, Schumer is the one that stopped the vote he called for.


You mean like feverish imagination of Russian collusion? Spare me the BS Peter.


Ding Ding Ding

we haaaaaaaaaave a winner.


Right now the R’s have a very good idea of what’s in the Mueller report. They are in all out, do anything to prevent it from being made public.

That’s all they can think about.


You know what the phrase “Poison Pill” means right?


Bobby Mueller don’t leak.


Doesn’t matter. Schumer is the one that pulled his request for a vote.

And why is it a poison pill? The D’s don’t want a second special council to look into how the FBI and DOJ was acting under a Dem president in investigating TWO presidential candidates?


Why hasn’t Barr appointed a SC? He could do that all by himself. No need for Congress to even get involved.

So, why hasn’t he appointed an SC to investigate these claims?


Imagination? That’s already been demonstrated. At the same meeting with Manafort sharing polling data with Klimnik they discussed the easing of Russian sanctions.


I’m not going down this road with you…sorry pal.