Who do you think Trump might pardon if given the chance?

A little fun here. There’s been a lot of speculation on who, if anyone, Trump might pardon if he had the chance. So here’s a chance to vote on your choices. Notice that some of the names have not been indicted or have not been mentioned yet by Robert Mueller. That’s on purpose. This is nothing more than a speculative “what if?” poll. (I would have made this poll a lot bigger, but you’re limited to less than five. Darn.)

Go for it.

  • Roger Stone
  • Paul Manafort
  • Michael Flynn
  • George Papadapolous

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Easy choice, Manafort.

He won’ be able to plead the 5th.

I think he’ll do Flynn and Stone as well.

All of them

No Pardons for the Rats

Julian Assange

The others cases are fake entrapments and be thrown out or vacated.

Do you know that Julian is not an American citizen? Trump can’t pardon him.

And your wiki is open

Why would Trump pardon Assange anyway? (And yes, your wiki is undone. Unzipped. Whatever.)

Citizenship is irrelevant. If Assange is convicted in a US federal court, the president can pardon him.

I was going round vote Manafort but none thst he might have flipped I dont think so. Trump Jr would be my guess

Jarod and Junior.

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Tee Hee


But he won’t be. He’s not even on the radar at this point, Mueller has bigger fish to fry.

He’s hiding somewhere in his “safezone”.

Paulie’s no Rat see. He just pled guilty to avoid a trial. He aint making no deals with the Cops!

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Either Jarod gone, Trunmy gets rid of one of a major obstacle to Ivanka…

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Wait, polls? How u do that?

Last time he pardoned Arpaio when Harvey reached the coastline…on a Friday.

At this point? Himself.

I tend to believe the reports that his staff has convinced him not to pardon anyone while the investigation is ongoing. So if we consider that Mueller has the goods on some serious stuff, how long will he be president and able to pardon anyone? I am sure that at a minimum he will pardon any family member that gets indited.