Who could you cross the aisle for?

Manchin is 74 and white.

Tulsi Gabbard?

I’ll never vote for another Democrat the rest of my life thats for damned sure but if we don’t take away the covid ability for Dems to steal elections it won’t matter.


Hasn’t mattered in our lifetimes, but it lets the serfs think that they are part of some great thing.

As a conservative I would fear Manchin the most in the general election because I fear he would siphon off a lot of moderates. If a Democrat has to win in 2024, I would fear Manchin least.

It never did. Not for President. Nor should it.

Try thinking about how pathetic that do-as-you’re-told mindset is first. Take all the time you need. :wink:

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Are you kidding? Even if the PERSON is good, they will be surrounded by people who embrace the dominant ideology of that party. The bull ■■■■ about it being the “high road” by voting for the best man completely ignores the realities of government today.

Some will say “oh you vote for the party”. Not really. But I vote against the ideology that would be empowered should this person from “the other side” be elected. It is also true in congress, where the person in charge is based on how many people are in each party.

No. I’m not fooled by “the higher road”.


I could easily vote for a candidate not named trump, biden, Harris or Cruz.

Yes even desantis.


Tulsi Gabbard…

How bout a mainstream dem with a chance.

All the rs are enamored with tulsi.

She has no chance of being the dem winner of the 2024 dem primary.


Manchin. Just say no…


I do know this…

I was wrong. I didn’t used to think the person elected president was that big a deal…I m old we ve had a dozen presidents in my lifetime…

But the last year of an incompetent senile old lying liberal, his totally unqualified Vice President, his collection of lunatic cabinet members many of whom should resign today in disgrace, and a House and Senate run by the squad, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth warren (I know Pelosi and Schumer but you know…the thing!!!).

The destructive stupid policy decisions we ve been asked to swallow over the last year should be enough to show all of us that we need to pay attention and demand more from our elected officials…this country is too precious to turn over to dirtbags like those people.


I answered the question plainly. The part funny Is I couldn’t figure out who you would vote for on the rep side. Your post was not written well or you didn’t pick anyone.



Rubio—on the fence





Right now the main stream of the Democratic party is Democratic Socialism. They are the loudest voices in the party among the second tier and have the most name recognition. And they turn moderate and independent voters off. The Democratic Socialists will survive the midterms in their districts and still be in congress, but there will not be a bunch of moderate Democrats there from swing districts with them.

Democratic Socialists will see either a hung convention, or a hard left Socialist as their party’s nominee in 2024. Throwing out a mythical electable moderate Democrat’s name is a waste of blood sugar and time better spent elsewhere.


Oh, thanks… Desantis will probably get it. He’s great and very Trump like. His experience as Governor will make him very effective.

people are easily fooled. manchin is not a conservative. he’s a fraud democrat who’s playing his constituents to retain power. he will find a way to vote for the socialist agenda, it’ll just be “improved”


There is no aisle to cross. I’ll just vote for the best candidate out there.

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:rofl: (D) is always best