Who could you cross the aisle for?

Who could you cross the aisle and vote for for president in the '24 election? As a Dem, is there anyone you could support and pull the lever for who is a republican? As a republican, is there anyone who is a dem that you could pull the handle for?

For me it is a rather easy choice. I am a conservative, but I could get behind Manchin. He is fiscally conservative from a conservative state. I would be much happier to pull the handle for him over Trump, Romney, Cheney or McCain.

How about you?

I’ll vote third party again if they run another McCain or Romney.


Amen to that!


As long as the Democrat party is 110 percent in favor of legalized abortion i will vote for none of them.

At the moment they are screwed up on nearly every other issue as well.

America Last.


Nope, no Democrat, they can’t be trusted, they routinely lie to the public to appear more conservative and then revert to true nature when elected. Look no further than the current “moderate uniter” occupying the White House for evidence.


I’ve voted for “Donald Duck” as a write-in, more than any other candidate when all of the choices are trash…as they have historically been.


I voted for some conservative 3rd party when McCain was the nominee.

I held my nose and voted for Romney only because Obama was so bad. Kind of wish i had gone 3rd party then as well.

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When a RINO from Massachusetts gets the GOP nomination, it’s nothing more than a circus freak show.


There is one nationally known democrat I really like and am interested in…Tulsi Gabbard.

She could never get out if a primary in the screwed up America last disaster that is today’s democrat party and I don’t know that I could vote for her.

I would prefer MR Trump not run in 2024…my preference is one if the younger conservatives…(Ron DeSantis-Tim Scott would be a great ticket).

If Trump runs and is the nominee…easy choice. I would never vote for any of the top democrats…what a horrible group of socialist frauds.


They are just treasury bandits at this point, garden variety thieves.


Imho the socialist democrat party is an embarrassment and a danger to this country.

I could never vote for a democrat.


To date none of the names floated would prompt me to leave the house much less color in the little square.

I have a hard time pulling the lever for any lying, scumbag politician on either side of the aisle and that’s what you have to become, to earn a crack at the WH.

the democrats will rig whoever they pick into office, esp if the opponent is pro America, borders, jobs, freedom etc


That’s the problem for me. Whoever gets the nomination will be beholding to the fanatics in the dem party.


I don’t see a single democrat I could vote for that could win the democrat primary. Not one.

So it’s democrat problem.


This right here, anyone I would consider won’t make it past the primary.


Why even bother voting?

May just as well write in Geralt of Riva* for all the difference it will make.

*Season Two of The Witcher dropped today. Rejoice!

I could consider Mancin, Gabbard, and that’s about it right now. What we need is a TRUE moderate from either party, we are too damn divided right now and unless this is addressed it will only get worse.

Also, time to get rid of the “old white man” from both parties. We need someone to break that trend, no to Romney, Trump, Biden, Cruz, if anyone like that runs, I see myself continuing to vote 3rd party.