Who could have guessed?

I’m getting pretty confused.

Men who claim to identify as a woman are placed in women’s prisons.

Gender reassignment surgery is not required. So, now we have pregnant inmates.

So what is this? A male who identifies as a female but impregnates a female.

Is there a term for this other than a male?


Are you assuming that the birthing persons identify as women?

Anyhoo, crazy shouldn’t be accommodated … especially when combined with criminality.

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Maybe this can be used in research to determine what a woman is.


Need at least a hundred million in funding for the study to be taken seriously.


How much do you think that will cost the taxpayers? :thinking: :rofl:

I think you are low-balling the number. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow, that’s some punishment right there. Bet he really learned his lesson this time. :rofl:

Not male but “penis-equipped trans-lesbian”.

Will the State pay his child support? I mean her child support? I mean, the guy who is a girl who gets someone pregnant? :flushed:


Good question. The state did this.

See, that is why I am confused.

It isn’t a male but it is a male but it doesn’t identify as that so there is or is not a baby that has been made between a woman and a man?

Putting transgender women in women’s prisons is a pretty terrible idea.


Folks are so bored they have to reinvent the wheel. :woman_shrugging:


I think so as well. If they don’t want to have the surgery then they should be in a men’s prison. IMO, if they don’t want to do that then they are just exploiting the system.


That presumes that the definition of a woman is based on science.

“Follow the science” does not apply to transgender issues.

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It seems pretty basic to me. Man impregnates woman.

Am I missing something?

Edit: male impregnates female.

And, of course, there was already a thread (or was it two threads) about the adult male who was convicted of molesting an underage female when he was also underage. Judge sentenced him to do his time in a juvenile facility because he was juvenile when he committed the crime. When he got caught, he declared that he was transgender, and the government is having him do his time in a juvenile facility for girls.

Our government in action!

And where will it end?

Somehow I do not expect this to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back:



They should probably follow the same rules for when a guard rapes and impregnates an inmate.

A transgender woman and a cisgender woman made a baby.