WHO CARES? Speaker Pelosi Bizarrely Claims State of the Union ‘Unimportant’ for Most Americans | Sean Hannity

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bizarrely slammed the President’s annual State of the Union Address Thursday; saying the Commander-in-Chief’s national speech is largely “unimportant” for average Americans.

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Nancy apparently, doesn’t know how many people actually watch the State of The Union Address. Even I usually watch it, I just turn off the Democrats response.

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The left all look like fools when they take the advice of the inelegance community. They are giving the left the worst propaganda in the history of the world. It’s pathetic. A kid could come up with better propaganda and psyops.

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Pelosi and the Dims are holding America hostage because of their hate of Trump. Make no mistake, for her and the Dims, this has NOTHING to do with opening the government and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH PURE HATE FOR TRUMP AND the American citizens.

Her obvious glee thinking she “won” is horrific and outrageous. I STILL want to know WHAT CHANGED from the time she (and the Dims) wanted the wall until now?

Build the wall and protect the citizens! YOU WORK FOR AMERICA NOT ILLEGALS!!
Why don’t you understand this?

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I didn’t with Obama, but I always listen when Trump speaks. I really it is important to understand about Our country.

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Actually I disagree that President Trump should delay his State of the Union Address. Pelosi lost her first-round to get this delayed stating not enough security. Now she uninvites him to give his address. I believe most Americans would have preferred him give the State of the Union at another place. It could have been useful to point out how callous the speaker is and the effort that she has taken to be uncooperative. She got what she accomplished and I for one very disappointed. In my opinion a very strategic missed opportunity for President Trump and the people to voice the importance of the border wall

What is your reason for not wanting a wall?