‘WHO CARES?’ Comey Says ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ Who Paid for ‘Trump Dossier’ Used in FISA Warrant | Sean Hannity

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey raised eyebrows among Congressional Republicans during his testimony this week; telling them “it didn’t matter” who paid for the debunked ‘Trump Dossier.’

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Trump should get is AG on the First business day of January to start investigating all of Obama’s political appointees in the DOJ and FBI and then prosecute them and a minimum of 10 to 20 years in prison with no early release and no Presidential pardons and they lose all government benefits. This is the only way to send a message to all Federal Employees. Also an investigation into Maxine Waters, and any other politician that ends up being a multimillionaire when they were not that way when entering politics.

The way I have been seeing what is going on for the past two years, is there are TOO many N.W.O. people in politics - Washington. Most if not all are members of the same secret sorority.
Skull & Cross bones, Shriners etc.

Well then… I guess it really doesn’t matter how long of a jail sentence this guy should get.

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And this was the man who headed the FBI. I bet he would have cared if the dossier had been about him. In fact, he would have detailed an entire team to hunt them down.

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Does this sound familiar? "At this point does it matter?!! " That is the mindset for the Dems who are questioned because of their actions. We are, obviously, so stupid we don’t know how to ask questions. Both Comey and Clinton are of the same cloth: Arrogant, narcissistic elites who are above questioning. Bill Clinton BS during his questioning, "How do you define “is”, or some such s…t! I hope these snakes hang in the final judgment. I would love to hear Comey when he is arrested and cuffed, then led away for the military hearing! “It doesn’t matter what I did, no one cares!!” Don’t think so, bro!

Since these dossier dudes have shown such tenacity in their nefarious witch-hunt and investigations, they need to all be investigated thoroughly, & it should be proven that they acted unfairly in the spirit of justice and partisan politics!

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I’m tired of hearing anything about Comey. I’m only waiting to hear about his trial for his actions to absolve Hillary Clinton and spy on American Citizens illegally. Other than that it’s a waste of my time.

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The dossier was paid for by Putin/ the Russians. Does it matter? The Russians contributed to the Clinton Foundation on a pay-to-play scheme. Hillary used Foundation money to pay Steele; Steel fabricated the information and Comey used it for the warrant- Again, Russia did it!!