Who cares about investigations?

The excuse for Trump’s impeachment is the Democrats claim that Trump asked a foreign government to investigate Joe Biden to help Trump win the election. This brings up several questions, but the most obvious is so what? Now, I’m not talking about from the perspective of whether or not that action is wrong, but from the perspective of the voters. So what?

Let’s look at a couple different scenarios. Assume that the Bidens are absolutely innocent of any corruption or impropriety. If Trump called for an investigation, when the Bidens innocence came out it would cause a huge backlash. Biden supporters and other Democrat supporters would be outraged and Bidens supporters would double down. Many independents and undecideds may well be outraged too and end up supporting Joe. This is a losing scenario for Trump, accusing an innocent.

In scenario two, Trump again asks for an investigation into the Bidens, but this time the Bidens are as dirty as the Clintons. They are deep in corruption. How many Biden Supporters would care enough to change their vote on election day? What level of corruption would have to be proven for a voter standing at the voting machine, who was going to vote for Biden, to either NOT vote at all, which would help Trump, or actually switch their vote to Trump? Maybe some independents and undecideds go for Trump because of Joe’s guilt, but maybe not. This scenario is very risky too given the level of partisanship in the country.

The point is that asking for an investigation for political reasons makes no sense. It doesn’t help Trump. Being under a cloud of investigation doesn’t seem to get support for a candidate to wane, but strengthen.

What would affect an election in scenario two is if the corruption of the Bidens actually got Joe arrested so that he couldn’t campaign or actually take office should he win. If this happened, wouldn’t even liberals want Bidens crimes exposed so that he could be held accountable and NOT get into high office?

In scenario three, someone other than Trump asks Ukraine to investigate Joe. Absolutely no one cares. Unless he’s guilty and arrested, he continues to campaign and all his supporters are angry and dug in their heels in support of him. Big win for him, but no excuse to impeach Trump so it’s a political tie.

Scenario four, someone other than Trump asks for an investigation and the Bidens are guilty and arrested. Would Biden supporters vote for Trump then or the Democrat fill in? It’s a certainty that Trump is not going to get more votes…

Given the 3 year investigation into Russian Collusion did nothing to hurt Trump but did a lot to further polarize the voters, asking for an investigation is a poor political strategy.

If on the other hand, Trump was genuinely concerned about past corruption in the Ukraine and it’s role in attempting to influence the 2016 election, then asking the new president of Ukraine, who campaigned and won by promising to deal with past corruption; and Trump is following through with his well known position of not continuing to give money to countries that are corrupt and hate us, then asking for an investigation would be his duty. If Joe Biden was outed as being corrupt, under that scenario, that would be the result of the investigation, not the purpose. Big difference in motives…

And it starts

How else are we supposed to know if there aren’t investigations?

If you say you would’ve been just fine with Obama doing the same thing then I’ll believe that you believe it.

Tell me about “fast and furious” again and who was prosecuted?


I’m not questioning the need for investigations, just the intent. There’s a difference in Trump asking for an investigation into corruption in which his political rival coincidentally is involved in and calling for an investigation into his rival that coincidentally is involved in corruption. In the first case, Trump is calling for an investigation into something that legitimately should be investigated regardless of political considerations. His political gain or Joe’s political loss is not the point. In the second case Biden is the target of the investigation. It would be done specifically to help Trump and/or hurt Joe. Ukraniane corruption isn’t the purpose of the investigation, it’s a byproduct. I believe my op demonstrates that an investigation for political reasons is a no-win situation for Trump, but doing what he believes is right for our country is a winner…

From which administration?

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Yeah, Trump wanted investigations for the good of the country :rofl:

Of course he did, which is why he used the full power of the USGov and provisions from legislation like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and treaties with Ukraine to get to the bottom of it instead of sending a sleazy personal attorney who partnered with thugs with mob ties.


Tell me who started fast and furious

In 2016 and up to today, there are a scary amount of people who believe that Hillary Clinton was running a sex trafficking ring out of a pizza place’s basement that had no basement.

I am sure that any “investigation” of the Biden’s that is constantly talked about by the President would just be forgotten.

looooooool :joy::joy::joy:

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And who would care?


Trump has done much to demonstrate his America first proclamations. Not giving money to people that hate or misuse America is one of them. Ukraine has a history of corruption and did interfere in the 2016 election. I thought collusion was a big deal to libs, or is collusion and corruption only a big deal if you think Republicans are doing it?

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Were you okay with that? I wasn’t. Why the sudden change in opinion now that it’s Repunlicans doing it?

It does make sense if your concern is the interest of America and the people, like the billion in foreign aid that is missing under Obama and Biden.

Trump didn’t even care if there were actual investigations. He just wanted Ukraine to announce that they were investigating.


He said help us, remember that!

The same sick people that pushed the Russian collusion lie want you to ignore the billions in foreign aid stolen under Obama and Biden, why?

History has shown that even when people on the left are cleared of wrong doings those on the right don’t accept it and start coming up with conspiracy theories on the deep state and other corruption as reasons to by the clearing was invalid.