Who Can Pass The Pearly Gates?


Passing away before attaining at least the stage of non-retrogression, requires more practice for salvation. This may also require much passing of time and transformation, developing faith and strong practice. Weak faith and practice, does not guarantee reaching the goal.

Many terms found in dogma can be classified as “Expedient Means,”



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During the “latter days,” expedient means must be shattered, just as stricter training is given to soldiers entering battle.


They worked on it for five or six years, I’ve forgotten just how long, until they felt they had it just right, and they went over it and over it. The Hebrew scholars went over the Hebrew of the Old Testament, and the Greek scholars went over the Greek of the New Testament and the translation, and they even compared it with the Latin Vulgate. On your title page it even says, “The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues: And with the former translations diligently compared and revised.”

They not only translated it directly out of the original Greek and Hebrew, but they also compared it with other translations like Tyndale’s and Wycliffe’s and the Vulgate and Huss’ and all these different translations which were in existence. They got all the help they could from as many sources as possible, feeling that they had gotten a Bible which was really a good translation, truly authentic and accurate. And when they finally did, they agreed on it and then they presented it to King James for his final approval and to be authorised by the king.




And still, they screwed it up.

The King is in heaven. You see no problem with a mere mortal man putting his name and his stamp of approval upon God’s word? I find it to be arrogant beyond description.


His stamp of approval was on the translation, not on “God’s word.” (Looking at it from that perspective.) It’s not King James’ fault that people conflate the translation with the actual words of God.


In refuting mistaken ideas, there is the risk of shaking the faith of those who have pinned themselves to particular points of the Law.

These points of contention or contradictions found in scriptures and commentaries become the points of schisms and has led to the worst events in human history and the most warped and twisted understanding of religion.

Trying to unravel the knots of false teachings, without sacrificing those with weak and tenuous faith, is always a major concern. This is because faith itseif, is more important then belief and dogma, even if that faith is entertwined and enmeshed with mistaken ideas.

When the Mahayana Buddhist, Lotus Sutra, focused on the use of “Expedient Means,” by the Buddha, during the expounding of the Sutra to the multitude, 500 haughty Arhats, walked out of the preaching in protest upon hearing that their understanding was based in expedients.

"Thereupon the Buddha addressed Shariputra: “Now in this congregation I am free from [useless] twigs and leaves, and have nothing but all that are purely the true and real. It is good, Shariputra, that such extremely haughty ones as those are gone away. Now carefully listen and I will expound [the matter] for you.” Shariputra said: “So be it, World-honored One; I desire joyfully to listen.”


The Orthodox were the first to split. They were Protestants before there were Protestants.


Those are fightin’ words around these parts.


Yes. but you know I really don’t care


I think the key to understanding mistaken ideas - at least in regard to religion is the fact that we cannot cause our own spiritual growth. Spiritual growth isn’t something that can be constructed by looking at a blueprint and following the specs (orthodoxy) imho. Doesn’t all growth tend to be unconscious? including spiritual growth?? All we can do is provide fertile soil. The natural question then becomes, what is fertile soil? The answer is faith and development of a spiritual reflex.
Let’s just say that if you’re wholeheartedly focused on developing a religious predisposition toward favorable reaction to spiritual urges - then you’re not focused on yourself. You’re focused on the spiritual urge, you’re focused on your relationships and cosmic problem solving, which leads me to the conclusion that following a book of rules or supposed laws is not the path to enlightment or spiritual growth. Its personal experience.


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I don’t either.


Faith, Prayer meditation and spreading the Supreme Law, is the cause. Some of that may be unconscious and some of the result may be inconspicuous.

By analogy, a baby bird inside an egg, already “knows” to develop, use it’s beak to break out of the shell, replace baby feathers for adult feathers and already “knows,” to fly into the sky. How did the bird learn how to fly immediately without practice? The bird, already knew how to fly. It learned to fly before it hatched. In a similar way, a human being aspiring and close to, Supreme Awakening, has already practiced in the past and following a trajectory it already embarked on.


but your fine with the myriad of catholic false teachings and mere men acting as God?


Or there is a cosmic mind ministry at work.
Intuition or quick response, courage, socialization, all mind phenomena we share with our animal cousins.
We part ways when the symmetry of wisdom and the unity of worship kick in for humans.
Do you really think biology can explain these urges?


Catholic teachings have a biblical foundation.

And it’s you’re.

No, but in Catholicism men are not acting as God.