Who Can Pass The Pearly Gates?


I marked this blessed day on my calendar, the day we agreed on one thing. But don’t expand on it, I’m sure the unique moment will be lost.


Are you speaking of the ones written after the first century? For example, scholars say the Gospel of Thomas was most likely written in the mid-to-late second century. The Gospel of Mary was written in the fifth century. The four canonized Gospels were all written in the first century.



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Im a laspe Catholic



Hades is a Greek god.


To some, in the NT its the abode of the dead. Hades translates the Hebrew Sheol in the LXX Greek OT. But ancient Greek and Hebrew concepts were quite similar, both good and bad when to Hades and there nothing much was known. Christ and His apostles unveiled a lot more about it in the NT.


If that’s not a laspe Christian its ok.


Fascinating they would use the name of a Greek pagan god.


Catholics are Christians.


While I agree with Southern Baptists on most things, its a fact they are in agreement with Catholics and Orthodox perhaps 70% of the time. All three main division are in approx 70% agreement.

I reject the Filioque, but am an iconoclast. So that makes me neither Protestant, Orthodox or Catholic, somewhere in the midst.

I desire the “Catholic Christianity” is see in the NT taught by Christ and His apostles and frankly that has yet to be fully recovered.


Not all Catholics are Christians, just as not all Protestants or Orthodox are Christians.

But I’ll agree Catholic, Orthodox Protestant traditions are Christian.


Just like not all Christians are Christians.


They didn’t. They used a near equivalent to Sheol, when translating in Greek. Greek in the Bible is Semitic, words meaning sometimes not found in Greek. There is not Greek god behind the Bible’s use of Hades. That was “filtered out” by the Semitic filter.


That’s is babble. The “a” cannot be “not a” at the same time, that’s babble.


WHAT a coincidence.


The only correspondence I see illustrated is how dinosaurs survived for millions of years with walnut sized brains.


Backhanded insult. How "Christian"of you.


Truth telling is Christian. A correspondence was definitely illustrated.


“…who can pass the pearly gates?”

When one can “pass through the pearly gates” in this lifetime before death and witnesses the Samadhi of the “platform of the path,” when seated in prayer and meditation, produces a state called “the stage of non- retrogression,” Here, is the stage of actual proof, when faith without fail, changes into enlightenment. One realizes the nature of childish stories and what were the “expedient means,” used in scripture.

The “Pearl” one seeks has been called, " The Gem of Inestimable Worth," the legends and stories of Gems mentioned in scripture, diamond, pearl, lapis lazuli the “seven precious gems,” adorning heavenly gates and palaces, appears in the Samadhi.

Like the spot under the “Bodhi Tree,” with Gautama Buddha, the spot in the wilderness with Jesus, or the “burning bush,” of Moses all of them are sitting in prayer and meditation sitting on the Platform of the Path." The real Pearly Gates,

A passage in the Lotus Sutra, states, “Only a Buddha, together with another Buddha can understand the meaning of the True Aspect of Reality,”


“Wherever a Buddha passes into Nirvana, erect a Stupa” where the Buddha’s relics are kept.

A “Stupa” is a burial mound or tower and represents the Buddha. The Platform of the Path when opening, leads to the Precious Stupa adorned with all the precious gems is described this way:

The moment of the “Apparition of the Stupa.”

"Then there arose a Stûpa, consisting of seven precious substances, from the place of the earth opposite the Lord, the assembly being in the middle, a Stûpa five hundred yoganas in height and proportionate in circumference. After its rising, the Stûpa, a meteoric phenomenon, stood in the sky sparkling, beautiful, nicely decorated with five thousand successive terraces of flowers, adorned with many thousands of arches, embellished by thousands of banners and triumphal streamers, hung with thousands of jewel-garlands and with hourplates and bells, and emitting the scent of Xanthochymus and sandal, which scent filled this whole world. Its row of umbrellas rose so far on high as to touch the abodes of the four guardians of the horizon and the gods. It consisted of seven precious substances, viz. gold, silver, lapis lazuli, Musâragalva, emerald, red coral, and Karketana-stone. This Stûpa of precious substances once formed, the gods of paradise strewed and covered it with Mandârava and great Mandâra flowers. And from that Stûpa of precious substances there issued this voice: Excellent, excellent, Lord Sâkyamuni! thou hast well expounded this Dharmaparyâya of the Lotus of the True Law. So it is, Lord; so it is, Sugata.