Who Can Pass The Pearly Gates?

The Catholic Catechism also notes that God has an everlasting Covenant with the Jews, that the Church/Christianity has its own commission which it must carry out. HOWEVER, those which the Church cannot reach (or convince) must be left to the love and mercy of God. Simply because the Church cannot succeed in reaching certain groups and individuals does not mean that it is not possible that God can reach them, for with God everything is possible.

This does not mean that the Church/Christians are to shrug their shoulders and “leave it to God.” It means we work harder, but always with the knowledge that God is greater than an individual, a group, a Church, even an entire faith.

Yes. Or, as the Catholic Catechism phrases it: Only God knows who–if anyone–is in hell.

Are these man made rules?


[18] Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

[19] Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. 20For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.”

So, how bout all those people on Earth who wish for nothing more than peace and forgiveness for all souls? :thinking:

The “man-made rules” are those who tell non-Christians that according to them, they are going to hell. The Catholic Catechism is based on scripture, the Covenants in scripture, God’s words, also recorded in scripture. It is not our place to tell God how to act. Instead, isn’t it best to listen to all He has said, to leave what we cannot accomplish to Him?

Jesus taught, Repentance for the forgiveness of sins. If we begin with this, the first question to consider is, What about those who do not want to turn away (ie, repent) from their sins? Should they be brainwashed, their free will taken from them?

While I tend to believe such evil is rare, it is not unheard of. Should evil be forgiven and then let loose again, only to be forgiven into eternity? Or, should evil also have a place of existence outside the presence of God and those who choose the ways of God?

I believe God knows the hearts of all who are working to improve (the greatest majority) and here we turn to Jesus truth/and the New Covenant of: Your sins are forgiven.

I’m now curious, will all you turn around and reach your out hand and help Hillary Clinton into heaven if you pass the gates before her?

Catholics have always prayed for the repose of souls who have passed on. The concept of reaching out from heaven to help someone into heaven is a startling concept, at least to me, because it is my understanding God judges the heart and He alone determines entry into heaven.

Catholics do believe in the purification of souls (purgatory) and we believe our prayers and sacrifices can help those undergoing that process. As a youngster, I prayed for the soul of President Kennedy, and from then on any President who passed on. Recently, I prayed for the soul of Barbara Bush. While Hillary Clinton was never president, I am certain when it happens, her death will be news, and I will pray for her as well. But today, my prayers are for Charles Krauthammer.

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You seem to know Catholicism very well and so after hearing the sad knees, what is your opinion of Anthony Bourdain and his ability to make it to heaven?

Tell me, by who’s authority can I answer these questions; by Man’s, or by God’s?

Again, God judges the heart. Robin Williams. Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain.

What distresses me is how one suicide can lead to others. What are the chances that Anthony Bourdain knew of Kate Spade’s suicide? Also, if a family member commits suicide, percentage wise, it is likelier that another family member will follow suit at some time in their own life.

Murder (including the taking of one’s own life) is considered a mortal (serious) sin, and it does place one in danger of hell. From here we go back to the mercy and love of God, and that His judgment is all that matters. In any case, like Robin Williams, I pray for Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.


Sounds a lot like what some noncatholics think purgatory is.

Exactly my thought!

Granted, it is an incorrect perception. Purgatory is not a second chance. After entering purgatory, the only exit is into heaven. Meaning if one is in purgatory they are actually already in heaven.

According to a man made rule?

More like a careful reading of the Gospels.

Who wrote the Gospels, God or man?

And, weren’t there Gospels left out of the New Testament?

Yes. And it does sound something like purgatory because purgatory is a corruption of apostolic doctrine of Hades.

When Imperial Rome destroyed the Jewish nation, the unique Aramaic Hebrew Palestinian culture of Jesus and His apostles was gone. The Jews in the disaspora soon weren’t much of a presence in the Greek speaking Gentile church. That unique eschatology of the Pharisees (which is similar Christ’s and His apostles) context where much of the NT exists, was unknown to Christian commentators.

They had a vague tradition Hades was an intermediate state of punishments and of a resurrection, but they bollixed it up and slowly it went from where the unevangelized where punished and purged, where they repented and believed and could be saved on Judgment Day…

Morphing into something believers went through on their way to heaven.

Inspired by God; written by man.