Who can be prosecuted for perjury?

When all the details of Trump’s suborning perjury and his own perjury are out, who else can be prosecuted besides Trump?

Can Trump’s spokespeople be prosecuted for knowingly lying? How about journalists and TV talking heads that were paid to repeat lies? If they can’t be prosecuted, what should be the penalty? How should they be held accountable when this is over?

ask the new AG

only if they lied under oath or directed someone to lie under oath.

You want to throw the entire crew at CNN in prison? Buzzfeed? The New York Times?

Perjury is lying under oath. Suborning perjury is telling someone to lie under oath. That’s it.

just audit them…

I don’t know if this is really an issue now that Mueller has pulled the plug on Buzzfeed, but getting someone else to lie to investigators could be considered an obstruction of justice. Check out the articles of impeachment that were being prepared against Nixon.

If the circumstances are as I understand them to be, Trump is the ONLY person liable to be charged for suborning perjury.

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For? :blush:

Perhaps for, suborning perjury. :smile:

If he instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress as is alleged, that clearly is suborning perjury.

Perhaps. There seems to be a lot of “perhaps” going on these days. Another name for perhaps is wishful thinking. Good luck with that.

Not wishful thinking on my part. I am simply watching events unfold and making the point that if the allegation is actually true, it would constitute suborning perjury.

I will simply wait and see what allegations are born out and what allegations are not.

OP: read the statute.

It’s the same for everyone.

Just off hand, I’d say that someone who commits perjury can be prosecuted for perjury.

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