Who are you trying to BS Biden administration/democrats?

Recently I see this ugly nasty regime doing 180 after ■■■■■■■ up this country big time…like Alaska oil drilling that Trump pushed/approved.

also Biden regime started pushing back against their radicals concerning Dobbs decision…also building the wall in San Diego/peace park etc.

We all know why you’re doing this. Right after midterm election Biden regime/democrat party will only tell American people to ■■■■ off again.

Don’t fall for that BS…they’re desperate and willing to say or do anything.

Remember…Biden is only doing what democrats want him to do and nothing more. Democrats is Biden.

Same for Tim Ryan…he is Biden no matter how much he tries to walk back from democrat party.

same with Fetterman…he is Biden, he is the democrat that will continue democrats insane policies. Now having said that I can’t believe repugs nominated Oz. For that repugs won’t take the senate this midterm.

I’m sure there is more but having a brain fart coming on. Need to putz around and clear my head.


We’re here for you. Let it out.


I understand…next thing you all will be saying you were all for border security, drilling in Alaska, state rights for abortion etc…right up to moment of midterm election.


Also thinking in next 2 or 3 weeks Biden regime will be thinking of restarted Keystone.

Libs pretending to be mad is nothing more the smoke screen/acting so they can save their sorry asses comes Nov.

Don’t buy into that BS.


Well, I have always been for border security, but I think it requires much more than a wall.

But I’ll go on record right now saying I am not for the other two things.


Sorry to laugh in the middle of your melt down, but I seriously doubt that will happen.

Dems have a new strategy borrowed from Hillary and McCaskill, fund the most right wing republican in the race.

Have you noticed that Biden regime is silently reversing some of their policies?

Also have you noticed the radical left-wingers are speaking out against Biden regime…you do know that is by design right?

they understand they need middle and suburban housewives to win. AOC crowd is going to vote anyway.

So the shift is nothing more then smoke screen to deceive American people.

they’re goal IMO is to gain 1 seat in the senate. That’s what they want.

Sadly repugs put Dr Oz and Herschel Walker isn’t going to cut it. So where can repugs pick up 2 seats? Now Pa is repug seat…but we can’t count on Manchin to save the day.

Tim Ryan is a threat to Ohio seat because of his NE connections. But make no mistakes…he’s another Biden. Has NE Ohioans sucked in. Not sure Vance can over come it.


remember…libs only need 1 more senate seat. And they will sacrifice the house if needed.


If fact they were willing to do that in last 2020 election.

They want the senate, they just barely etched out a win in the house last time.

It’s almost like you are just now grasping how politics works.

In any event, I’ll bet you a buck that Keystone does not get resurrected

Or, if the house is gone regardless, it entirely makes sense to shift focus to the senate

You’re not smart enough to educate me about how politics work…no offense.

That I agree with. And they need suburban voters to do that.

Democrats always pretend to be “moderates” during election cycles, so it should be accepted that they’ll always lie and do whatever they damn well please once they’re in office. They’ll never abandon the authoritarian green energy push or bolster law enforcement, nor do they care if the nation is in decline because of said policies. It’s never bad policy, it’s always “we’re not messaging correctly.”

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I am not trying to educate you.

We’re still undoing a lot of (D)amage from the McCaskill era in my state.


Most people who want the wall readily agree that we need more than that.

As it stands now, we’re getting less than a wall from your side.


Oh I’m not having lot of faith in Ron Johnson either.

They want the SCOTUS. The Senate is how you get it.