Who are the MODS now?

I know Snow is one…

Who else?

Did Gene ever come back?
The “girls” (T? Leigh?)

Does “Big Lee” ever post here anymore?

I’m just curious.




And myself.

Hey Deb. Hope all is well in the world for you. :hugs:

I am about to leave this forum with no intention of returning, although I might, if I find a need to do so which overrides my displeasure with the software and options a d format of this site.
It is awful and off putting.

I listen to Sean M-F and enjoy him great. He deserves a Pulitzer Prize for keeping the spotlight on the writers, authors and others who are doggedly making a difference in helping Pres. Trump.

But this site is clunky and hard to figure out.

I also have I Heart Radio apps on my Android phone, on my PC and my Roku device.

They are slow and not instinctive and there seems no way to clear things up to make them faster.

This community seems great. But the software seems designed to discourage the numbers of members.

I absolutely want to be part of a lively discussion group such as I believe this would be, but the software is telling me to look elsewhere.

Anyone wanting my feedback should feel free to question me about my concerns.

Moe (not short for anything… I just like Moe Howard.)

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Take your time with the board, it is easier to use ut than it may look like at first. Do you have performance issues with the board? Do you have a particular complaint of a particular feature? Is there any feature you feel that it is missing? Let us know, we can help you out.

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The Sean Hannity logo and my Avi extend too far down in the field where I am typing.

Of my reply above, only “am typing.” is visible to me.

The rest is hidden by the upper margin.

But everything after “am typing” is visible.

And after I hit “Reply” or “Save Edit” everything appears as normal.


Asked on his description, I’m going to guess a smaller mobile device in landscape mode.

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Try updating current app or browser

He mentioned android and desktop, but if he’s on a smaller mobile device, using chrome, updating his browser as suggested may do the trick.

I haven’t used an android in a good 10 years. They’re somewhat finicky at times from what I recall.

Not landscape.

4" screen.


Sean Hannity app.

Sorry to respond to others before yours, I. E. chronologically.

Hannity app? Have you tried pulling it up in your mobile browser?


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There’s an app for the forum? :thinking:

Could have knocked me over with a feather too.

No sweat.

Did that help?

I submitted a serious issue a few days back with a message. I see the issue has been resolved. Good job fellas.