Who agrees it's time to stop political v non-political

I think you’re wrong about that.

Plenty of people have over extended and they are dropping like flies.

Plenty of people saved for a rainy day and will take advantage of the glut in labor.

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Huh? If you can’t feed your kids what with all of the assistance programs available then something is seriously wrong.

Schools should be there for education not to feed people.

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Hell, so have and will I.

I also have a well I can tap into. Boil the stuff if I need to.

But, Muh toilet paper and muh bottled water…Geeze… I hope this at least helps the snowflakes toughen up a bit.

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Yup. Exactly…

But… open borders is still on the dem agenda…

How is that working out for them considering their abysmal reaction to this virus?

At least Trump (against popular opinion) shut down travel early on.

That gives us TIME to stock and not overload the medical system all at once.

yes,…and the dems will have to defend that stance after border control was used to slow down this flu…

Well, they look like complete idiots for still wanting open borders. How out of touch do you have to be to endorse that at a time like this?

Would you want a bunch of people walking through your house right now?

Where are you in the US? Where my company is located, the Gov. has mandated non-essential companies to close, and in my home town, where I do a lot of business, we are essentially on lock down. No restaurants, bars, etc…curfew from 8pm to 5am.

I posted that to point out if we start tracking like Italy, we will be in trouble.

As for the rest…we have been doing neither the needed testing, tracking, nor any other mitigation to make good use of the time given.

South Korea showed the importance of good testing and tracking at the outset (even though they themselves were nearly undone by Patient 31 who came in direct contact with 1,160 people and was the cause of those church clusters).

We missed that opportunity.

And the thing was still coming in from other parts of the world.

Essentially, everything we are doing just now?

We should have done two months ago along with the travel bans…and then the mitigation we are doing would have been nowhere near as painful.

Dividing the Corona threads between political and non political was an excellent idea.
If you want nit picking and name calling, go to the corona political thread.
If you want facts on the spread and containment of the virus without political bias, go to the non political thread.
No, splitting between political and non political needs to stay. Maybe do more often on issues.

By the way, why isn’t this thread in the coronavirus political thread?

Nice unsupported political piece. We should have been doing like Italy, then we could have the good results Italy has come up with.
All of this is covered in the political coronavirus thread over and over again.
Why the separate thread?

i believe I was first one that pointed out those holes, I’ve blamed Trump CDC and yes even local hospital,but libs here spent first 2 weeks blaming Trump…and we still have libs here that refuses to accept their role.

I was first that stressed conditions at the hospital in Evergreen…but “some” libs still blamed Trump.

As of today we still can’t have honest discussion on dealing with this crises.

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There was nothing political in my piece. I made no judgement of either’s health care system…simply pointed out the fact that Italy was more prepared with beds and equipment than we are right now, and the exponential growth of their cases still overwhelmed them.

As of today, we are still on their trajectory…just about two weeks behind.

National problems require national solutions and coordination at the top.

States and municipalities are run by good people, but for a crisis of this magnitude tit has to fall to the federal government.

Actually the US and the major nations of the world ought to have been working together to arrest this crisis. We can blame China all we want, and they deserve blame, but the nations of the world had plenty of warning, and they all blew it.

But yet you’re unable to hold CDC accountable. It always came back to Trump with you libs…and yes I’m saying you libs. Very few here are willing to hold CDC accountable…and I mean very few.

We all learn/heard about the dangers of these viruses that jumped species…hell the experts been warning us for decades of those dangers. But when it happen those very so-called experts were totally unprepared.

So you can blame Trump all you want…but I know the truth.

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Sure I’m able to hold the CDC accountable.

But the buck stops with the President. He is the top man.

I held Obama accountable as well.

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There you go…just can’t help it. Deflecting from CDC failures.

No I’m not.

Coordination where needed and advice from the top, yes.

The experts at the CDC should be able to advise under which conditions a school system should close down.

The state decides if and when a school system closes down.
If the states bare no responsibility for working on this, then why do we have governors? Why do we have States with departments of health? No. The constitutions does not state that the Feds do the important things and the states control traffic lights.

And work together? Wasn’t the EU complaining about the travel ban including them? They are interested in what benefits them, not us. Share information yes. We make the decisions for us.

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