Who actually did the unmasking, if not Samantha Powers? Over 260 unmasking during the election

You would think Trumpers would be tired of face planting constantly…they are a resilient bunch ill give em that :joy:

I’m not disagreeing with this. If at this point Whittaker is ho hum into investigating this, then how concerned can one expect the largely anti-Trump media to care?

gosh, kind of missing examples?

Two supreme court picks, Hillary lost and Trump is cool…

If that helps Trumpers cope I say stick with it!

The left will try to castrate anyone that even attempt to fill in top position of CoJ.

They want no go zone around internal corruption.

We are going to the greatest hits here! This is a golden oldie!

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I agree the more this area is reviewed the bigger fit they will have. That is not justificaton for Whitaker not doing it.
They’re going to be having fits anyway.

It’s not an oldie until the case is solved… Who actually did the unmasking?

That and 53-47 says Trump will get a lot more judges put through…

That’s the spirit! Keep that chin up…

Keep trying! You will solve it!

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Well IMO whoever does it should go through the senate confirmation…it will give more teeth/weight to legal process.

Does it bother you know one seems to be working on it? Or is the 4th A, another set of rights the left wants removed?

Wait a second, if a Republican-led Committee is overseeing this, I would assume they care, since they are investigating Democrats. Have you called them out?

I can understand the anger at Samantha Power for what she may have done, but I’d be even angrier at the Republican-led committee for not getting to the bottom of this. Has anyone reached out to Devin Nunes and asked him about this?

The right support a staunchly anti-4th amendment Trump Supreme Court pick. Weird that the right is now whining about the left wanting the 4th removed.

No it doesn’t bother me because I can understand what happened and understand it was legally done.

I know the president you support has so many scandals and things are looking bleak for him. It can be quite uncomfortable supporting a person facing as many legal issues as he. But conspiracy theories won’t bring you the comfort you are looking for. I suggest you look for cat videos or maybe take a walk.

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Must be a slow news day or something.

They have no real power to do anything but talk. And why be angry at people who didn’t abuse the NSA data base for politics.

I have no idea why they can’t find out who did all the unmasking on her NSA account. And why did anyone have access to her account that she did not know? So, it must be corruption.

I have no idea what you mean, but at least he’s not breaking the laws to spy on Americans like your heroes were doing…

Did you email Devin Nunez about this?