Who actually did the unmasking, if not Samantha Powers? Over 260 unmasking during the election

It came out early on in the witch hunt that the Obama admin had been unmasking (Spying on without warrants) Americans on the NSA data base at levels never seen before. One such person was UN Ambassador Samantha Powers. 260 people were unmasked under her name, but she claims it was not her.

So, who was it? And why does not one care about theses 4th A violations?

" As you recall, Power was caught using her security clearance as a U.N. ambassador to review private conversations by U.S. citizens. According to official records, she requested the unmasking of these private citizens over 260 times in 2016 (this was an election year). She was brought before the House Intelligence Committee to explain her actions.

Her defense? It wasn’t me. Someone else in the Obama White House did this, using her security clearance."

Where the hell is Whittaker? Lock her up bro!

I remember the unmasking phase of distraction, those were some fun times.


Why don’t they care…because they were using it to go after Trump. Libs greatest political enemy of all time.

So using goverment strongest tools as political weapon is acceptable.

Nothing will be done…but don’t you dare praise Roger Stone. :wink:

This is a sweaty thread.



Welp, House Intelligence Committee asked for her records and conversations in 2017.

Any updates? Anything? Bueller?

If only they could get a Republican controlled House, Senate, or White House - maybe they could start investigating this stuff…


lol - This was “uncovered” by Trey Gowdy and company back in Oct. of 2017 dood! Why didn’t they care?? The big claim was they were going to get to the bottom of this…

Could it be that as usual, they came up with absolutely nothing? :rofl:

How you republicans just bury your heads in the mud and then come up blaming “libs” for ignoring ■■■■ that your heroes were in charge of “investigating” is just ■■■■■■■ amazing.


Curious why the sudden rash of threads dredging up “scandals” from the past. Its like something else worse is going on real time that some aren’t happy with. I wonder what that could be? :thinking:


The fact that no media outlet is investigating who actually did the unmasking is proof we have no real news, just activists…

If raps had done this, it would be a HBO movie…


This is still going on in in real time…

It’s amazing the the left has no intellectual curiosity at all on who actually did the unmasking…

That was taken out of the headline by Mueller attacking some poor old guy by the name of Corsi…

I don’t even know what you are trying to say here.

But Corsi is scum. Feel free to snuggle up to him if you want.

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Trump supporters and Fox News pundits embracing Corsi, who literally started the Qanon and Pizzagate insane cult. Good times.

It is amazing.

Any updates you can provide us?

Traitor #3 (aka Corsi) has submitted his “criminal complaint” to the DOJ. It’s a real, REAL, hoot to read.

I guess thumbs up for being environmentally sensitive and recycling already recycled conservative Republican conspiracy bull â– â– â– â– â– 

Of course not…No one seems to care who called committed fraud by calling them selves Samantha Powers and then abused the NSA data base during the election.

Seems the media and left love it, instead…