Whitmer VP maybe?

So I’m very biased on this, and I’ve said this before. But I’ve always thought Whitmer was the best VP choice. So I can only hope this will happen:

But she shores up Michigan, is an excellent female candidate, took Covid serious from day one, has an incredible story, does well in the suburbs…

So I can only hope.

i thought biden wanted a woman of color though

Did he say that?

does he have to? he touted a list of “women of color” as potentials. so that sure makes it seem thats what he wants.

Said he was vetting four women of color but not that they were the only ones.

So he didn’t say that.

A white chick. That’s so Biden.

How do you feel about Whitmer?

I wonder if she researched Joes favorite shampoo before her visit?

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So, how do you feel about Whitmer?

maybe not

but i didnt say he did

Haven’t paid any attention to her yet.

But felt the need to add in a stupid joke

I wasn’t joking.


I’m sure she at least researched everything she’s supposed to agree with him on. Another Gretchen at that. lol

You’ve never paid her any attention but wonder about her shampoo.

she like all other radical leftists is a menace

blames everything on “white supremacists” etc

typical poor democrat leader

Do you know anything about Whitmer?

Do you know anything about Gretchen Whitmer?

I don’t wonder about her shampoo but I think Joe might.