White Supremacist Pleads Guilty To Killing Black Man With A Sword

So, the 30yo white supremacist hunted blacks to kill in NY because NY is the media capital of the world and he was trying to start a race war so he killed a 66yo black man.

I wonder, since NY is the media capital of the world, if all of the news networks will cover this story.


Behold the Master Race…

Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t blow a bunch of black people away. I guess he thought he could sneak around and kill black people one at a time with a sword.

That’s the face of a piece of ■■■■ with no remorse. Each breath he takes is an affront the human species.

This combined with the little nut job in Florida killing five women in a bank because he could. There are way to many emotionally unstable people in the world. Most are not fixable. I wish I knew what to do with them.

I don’t think he’s going to do very well in prison.

He will have to partner up with some AB scumbags if he hopes to survive even a week.

He’s not unstable.

He’s committed to a cause.

A disgusting cause, but a cause nonetheless.

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Speculation. You could be completely wrong. So could I. I think to do something such as this, your brain has to be hard wired for hate. There is no shortage of obscure causes to attach yourself to. People will hate you because your are:

Jew Muslim
middle aged

Fortunately most of the people that I know and most of the people you know as well as the huge majority of American’s think this abhorrent. So causes such as these get no traction.

My personal opinion is that this type of hate is either demonic or biological. Normal minds don’t function this way. But as I said. I could be wrong. Let’s see what the shrinks have to say.

He’ll have to do them a lot of “favors” to survive.