White supremacist charged with threatening to shoot up Jewish community center

"On Friday, the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force raided Reardon’s house and seized a cache of weapons and ammunition, including dozens of round of ammo, multiple semi-automatic weapons, a gas mask and bulletproof armor.

Reardon is an avowed anti-Semite and white nationalist and attended the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, according to WYTV. During the raid on his house on Friday police also discovered anti-Semitic and white nationalist propaganda."

Yet another Unite the Right attendee. This one wants to establish a homeland for white people.

Tell me something. What’s the difference in these two people?


Maybe he was inspired by Omar and Tlaib.


It seems like we can hardly go more than a day without word of another white nationalist with a large cache of weapons being arrested after threatening violence. It’s fine though. I’m sure our friends on the right will be along to explain how these are actually eco terrorists connected to Antifa.

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Good work by the FBI.


Anti-Semitic threats do not come from people of just one skin color.

Nah. This can’t be right. I’ve read here that white nationalism is a powerless boogeyman and that the “Unite The Right” rally was just a peaceful protest in support of Confederate statues.

One of these days I’m gonna start a thread like this one and everyone on both sides will condemn the person with no qualifications or what ifs.

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who is the guy with the grey shirt?

Crazy how when there are White Nationalists doing terrible things there is whataboutism in play.

How hard is it to condemn them unequivocally and move on with your life?

They are not your allies… or at least I hope that they are not.


I don’t recall the OP suggest they do.

doubt it.

I have no idea why Republican refuse to kick them out of the tent.


One is a white nationalist and the other is a face model for a black male grooming site.

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Well he appears to be an anti Semite Democrat :woman_shrugging: since the Dems in Congress side with anti-Semite “squad” of witches, explain that!

I condemn these radicalized white nationalists.

Not that hard for me.


Just how the GOP say the democrats pander to minorities for votes, the same thing applies to the republican party pandering to people like this.
This is not how things should be, but here we are…

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Because only Democrat can be antisemitic

More radicalized white supremacists emboldened by fat donald.

mental ill, lone wolves, white nationalism is a hoax.


Seems like you have a lot of never lecturing conservatives when you don’t call out your own side for defending Antifa.
How many people who post on here condemn Antifa?
Their not good people. Their home grown terrorist.
How hard is it for the left to condemn them unequivocally and move on with their lives?
Seems most on the left consider Antifa their allies.
We hear so they assault people, so they terrorist people, so they loot and burn, no their not an organized group. no their just a few people doing a good deed the left defends them like they were a family member
So until the left calls out Antifa and calls them what they are your going to hear whataboutism.
Clean up your own side before you come here and hammer on conservatives who have nothing to do with white nationalist or it makes you look like nothing put a partisan hack.
But it’s really hard to do that when most on the left consider them good terrorist group who are out there doing good deeds.