White insurrectionists attack federal agents

Predominately white Antifa terrorists reportedly set fire to an ICE facility in Portland, Oregon, and then attempted to block exits to prevent federal agents from exiting the building. Possible federal charges would logically include insurrection and attempted murder of federal agents:

The FBI director has previously said that so long as Antifa attacks do not occur to during business hours they probably do not constitute an insurrection or terrorism.

If the previous responses are any guide, the FBI will go through the motions of an investigation and may actually arrest some of the attackers. They will be immediately released on bond and then federal prosecutors will quietly drop charges before trial.

My opinion is that expecting the FBI and DOJ to successfully prosecute the Antifa is about the same as expecting the Gestapo to prosecute the Brownshirts or Mussolini’s government to prosecute the Blackshirts.

Is the FBI really the Federal Bureau of Instigation not Investigation?

Does Antifa have at least tacit support of the FBI and other elements of the federal government?

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It’s being reported that no arrests were made.

Exactly. It will be interesting to see if anyone is arrested at all for charges related to the burning of the ICE facility.

The photos in the OP are Antifa mug shots from earlier arrests in the Portland and nearby areas.

Only libs can attack federal buildings.


Disgusting people…

Antifa and BLM …

The enforcement arm of the liberal left.

There should be massive arrests and an immediate move to prosecute everyone of those dirt bags. I guess it’s only insurrection if one side can successfully pin that actions in question on the other.


Can you imagine the outrage and additional violence if police had shot and killed one of them for burning a building with people in it?
I mean, kill a woman for breaking a window…sure…but not for just setting fire to a building.


Things are getting embarrassingly obvious.

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Yes they are.

Disgusting isn’t it!

Those mug shots look like My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright had a bunch of inbred children.

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Proof that they get arrested.


Exactly…that was just fine.

Its been this way for a long time now. Expect the exact same leftie posters to either avoid this thread like it’s guaranteed to infect them with covid or they’ll hyper focus on semantics over one or two words from folks’ posts.


Maybe try reading the thread and quit asking dumb questions that are already answered.

Mostly peaceful


93%…that’s all that matters right!!!

This is the second time at least that a building with law enforcement inside has been set on fire…I forget all the details but there was a story last summer where they poured cement around the base of the doors to keep them shut…and lit it in fire.

This is attempted murder and should be treated as such.


Not just attempted murder, insurrection. And that’s really bad.


Yes, local police have a catch and release program. Police arrest Antifa rioters, release them on bail, then drop charges or plea bargain for a small fine.

The FBI generally ignores what is going on. In the rare event that that federal agents arrest someone, the DOJ just drops charges. The excuse is frequently “lack of resources”.

I contrast, the FBI and DOJ have plenty of resources when it came to investigating a suspicious loop of rope, which later proved to be a strap for a garage door. They sent 15 agents to investigate:

FBI says rope had been in Talladega garage since October; Bubba Wallace not victim of hate crime - ABC News (go.com)

Recently they sent a swat team of 20 to arrest a doctor whose only crime appears to be entering the Capitol (trespassing) on January 6.


Pretty clear what sort of country this has become.

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Thank you for this. These institutions exist because of the essential work they do but they have to be trustworthy…

There’s a reason that lady named Justice wears a blindfold.

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