White house won't renew newspapers' subscriptions

Just came across this. Apparently the White House is not going to renew their subscription to the New York Times and Washington Post. It does seem to me to be a very strange thing to do for the President of the USA not to be interested in those two newspapers. Surely, the President of the USA would want to keep track of news stories from those two publications?

This should finally put the nail in the coffin of the failing NYT.


I suspect it might do the opposite. Perhaps some people might think it is really important for the White House to have access to those two important papers and decide to purchase the papers themselves and delivery them to the White House. If that happens their circulation will increase.

That would be funny. Send a drone and drop a couple thousand on the front lawn every morning.

They (the Times and Post) should just deliver papers every day anyway.

Free of charge.
Just to piss off President Dennison.


Kind of surprised Donald kept active subscriptions to any Deep State newspapers.

He gets all the info he needs from US Weekly.

Not entirely sure he CAN read, certainly chooses not to. Although I would have thought they would need plenty of newspaper to line the oval office for those times when he craps all over the place.


They write very mean things about Trump. You can see why he wouldn’t want those papers.

Trump doesn’t read anyway. Lol

My thoughts exactly lol

He has to be like dyslexic or something.

They had to make way for the subscriptions of Finally Legal and Hustler

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Why, they will for ever be branded as fake news after the Mueller hoax!

13 months away from the destruction of the Deep State and its seditious media!

11/08/20 is coming!

Party naked.